I turned in my thesis Monday. Woohoo!!! (Technically, it was only the first draft…so it could come back from the profs with only a few comments…cross your fingers…or they could suggest that I rethink all my thoughts…still, the first biggest hurdle is cleared.) My hubby asked what I’d like to do to celebrate. And so my boys took me shoe shopping. I’m usually a heals girl, but we got me two cute pairs of flats that each have about a half a size of space for my feet to grow (swell) into in the next few month (they fit now with fat socks and I’ll switch later to trouser socks). I was a good day. I felt pretty good all day, too. My husband commented over dinner that I seemed to be “coming out” of my pregnancy symptoms.


Tuesday I felt awful. I spent a good portion of the afternoon in bed while Rodney cleaned our disaster area house for our friends who came over last night. I know it doesn’t sound like a bad arrangement, but–honestly–I’d rather have been cleaning. This person isn’t me. Is it morning sickness? Well, yes…but the term is so misleading. So, just to set the record straight, it lasts         all.           day.            long.

Today is better. And so here I am to share some fun details about our littlest one 🙂

I am 10-weeks pregnant today. Our baby is due May 17th, 2011.

Here is picture from my first Doctor appointment last week:

The baby is about an inch long. See the little arms folded over the heart? It obviously isn’t captured in the photo, but the live image on the screen clearly showed a rapid heart beat. It is such an amazing experience to see the miracle of life growing inside of you. And such a welcome sight when generally the only evidence of such life is the nausea, puking, crazy sense of smell, appetite loss, fatigue, and a nasty taste in your mouth all day long. But you see that little bundle?

It’s worth it.

The email I got from Babycenter yesterday told me that the baby is now the size of a kumquat. I don’t know about you, but I find that entirely unhelpful. (Don’t get me wrong, I love the Babycenter emails, and highly recommend you sign up for them here if you are pregnant–but I have no idea how big a kumquat is).

Josiah doesn’t really get that there is baby in mommy’s tummy yet. We’ve regularly started adding “and where is the/our/mommy’s baby?” to our morning quiz of body parts. You know: “Where is Josiah’s nose? …eyes? …belly button? …ears? …elbows? …piggies? A couple of times now he has pointed to my belly (with prompting). Usually he clamors over us in bed to get to the mommy/baby figurine on the nightstand that I got from my mom when Josiah was born and points out the tiny porceline baby. We need to get to the library to check out some children’s books on pregnancy, but I also want to help him understand by discussing the baby’s growth throughout my pregnancy. Today, we found this leaf. Sure the shape is a little off, our baby is a bit longer than round and doesn’t have a point coming out of one side and a stem coming out of the other…but if you look past all that and imagine some limbs, brains, and fingernails: this leaf is like our baby right now.

I was terrible about taking pictures throughout my first pregnancy. I’d like to do better this time at memorializing the baby’s growth…and mine. So, we can consider this the first installment of Alisha’s “baby bump” which isn’t really a bump yet at all (If you think you see a bump, you’d be correct, but it isn’t new…that is the skin and flab which has been hanging out around my middle since the last baby lived there.)

Glad to be back in the blog world, and you can expect to be hearing from me a bit more regularly from now on!

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