Funny that just when life frees up enough and I make promises to be putting more posts up, our internet goes down. Sorry bout that. But today we are back up and rolling with a new modem, higher speed service, and a lower monthly rate :).

And just in time for an 11 week update on our littlest one.

The baby is now a little over an inch and a half long: the size of some of our smaller roma tomatoes….and the shape is even kinda right!

Even though the baby is still so small, he/she already has finger and toe nails and little teeth buds!

Several months ago, I was talking to a friend of mine through email about marriage and sex and pregnancy…the kind of conversation that is really better suited to a quaint local coffee shop. But since we live hundreds of miles apart, email had to do. Anyway, I remember going on and on about how wonderful it is to know you are carrying a life inside of you and how amazing it is to take part in such a great miracle. I am pretty sure the only negatives I shared were swollen ankles and leftover baby weight.

There is this beautiful thing about mothers and pregnancy and childbirth….SELECTIVE AMNESIA. Take child birth for example. I know that giving birth to Josiah was the most excruciating pain I have ever experienced. I know I made a huge scene (crying and moaning all dramatic like) as they wheeled my hospital bed through the hallway (Josiah arrived about 12 minutes after we arrived at the hospital, so it was a bit of blurred rush…but that is a story for another day.) I know it felt like every part of my body was going to explode when I had the urge to push and like I was going to implode and crush my bones during the contractions in between. But those memories are very blurry…I can’t actually really remember how it felt anymore. Because mostly what I remember about that day is meeting my beautiful baby boy. Those feelings. I remember them well. And I actually look forward to going through it all again. With longing.

Likewise, my memories of my first pregnancy (only about 2 1/2 years removed) are pretty much all wonderful. And pregnancy really is beautiful. But here is the 11 week truth…leaving no time for amnesia to kick in when the 12 week relief hits (please Dear God let it hit)….this part (the part between about week 5 and week 12) really isn’t much fun. The first trimester of pregnancy is really kinda icky. Although I never actually threw up when I was pregnant with Josiah–I guess that is a unique privilege that my second child is blessing me with–I do kinda sorta remember that most of these symptoms (nausea, smell sensitivity, icky mouth taste, and extreme exhaustion) were there the first time, too. Again in keeping with the amnesia theory, I  remember this mostly because of the wave of energy that returned with the second trimester and just in time for a 3.5 week study trip I took to Israel.

Some people say that the second trimester starts at 12 weeks, some say 14 weeks. Pretty much everyone agrees that it brings relief from the worst of the “morning sickness” symptoms. I decided that I want to be in the 12-week first trimester camp, and am praying hard core that I am only a week away from more energy and no more puking.

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