Depending on who you ask, this week may mark the beginning of my second trimester. I can’t say I have experienced an instant elimination of pregnancy symptoms. But I do feel a bit better than I have been. I have been slowly getting over laryngitis this past week, and I have noticed that I have also gradually gained some of my energy back. I can now lay down with Josiah at nap time and not fall asleep the moment my head hits the pillow.

This week, my Babycenter email said that the baby is about the size of a lime. As opposed to the kumquat from week 10, I know what a lime is…and, as opposed to the fig from week 11, I have one in my fridge! So here you go…my baby and belly at week 12:

I didn’t realize until looking at these pictures that my purple shirt has a few grease stains upon the belly. My husband asked if I wanted to take new pictures. Naw, I said…just keeping it real.

There is a bit of pudge developing around  my middle, though I it does not yet constitute a baby bump.

No, Josiah doesn’t get it yet. And I have to admit, I am a bit disappointed by the selection of children’s books on pregnancy at the library. I have found nothing written at a two-year-old level.

We’ll keep working on the baby in mommy’s tummy concept. Any suggestions?

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