The baby now measures about three inches from head to rump…which is about the size of this Little People Farmer (if you consider the blue base to be his rump and not his legs…kind of subjective if you ask me).

I had a Doctor appointment yesterday and got to hear a heart beat 🙂 I was surprised to see that I weigh the exact same at 13 weeks as I did at my initial 8 week appointment. Seems strange, I certainly feel pudgier. My totally non-scientific, non-medical explanation is that all my innards are getting looser and squishier to make room for baby, so while they don’t weigh more they are doing more hanging over and sticking out.

I haven’t thrown up in over a week…and some of my appetite has returned such that I have had great meals that would have caused my stomach to churn last week, like lasagna and chili (thanks to the hubby for cooking the meat, still can’t do that). All things considered, I feel great!

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