There were a few other ladies at our Christmas party this week who were pregnant. Some, several weeks ahead of me, weren’t even showing yet. I have been told that women tend to “pop” sooner after their first pregnancy…and although I might be showing sooner than I did last time (I really have no photographic proof from my last pregnancy to know for sure), I think I started showing earlier than average that time, too (people often asked me if I was having twins because I got so big so fast).

I just had a doctors appointment on Tuesday, and my official growth chart shows that I have gained about 5 pounds so far…which is actually less than average. And yet this belly is clearly growing at an above average rate. I don’t really mind…I think pregnant women are beautiful, and I guess I get to “look it” earlier/longer. Having a big belly during the second and third trimesters is much preferable over the first trimester sickness with no visible baby bump to “legitimize” it.

Anyway, all that to say, if you are following along in your own pregnancy, but don’t look anything like this…don’t worry! I’m not!

Regardless of the bump-size, a baby at 17 weeks is about 5 inches from head to butt. That is about the size of Josiah’s Snowman music box (is it still called a music box if it is not a box?).

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