I am new to blogging, and am having such a hard time getting things to work the way I want them to! So I’ve been doing some google searches and reading tutorials to try to get some answers. It appears that if I really wanted to learn about blogging, I needed to go to a conference that was held this past weekend in Nashville: Blissdom. But alas, it is too late…and you probably had to qualify or something first…you know, by having at least 5 people read your blog! Not there yet, but plugging away.

I stumbled upon a great blog a few weeks ago when I was searching for pictures of refinished bathroom vanities (so that I could show my husband something tangible that sort of represented the idea I had in my head). Kimba, at A Soft Place to Land, had finished a dresser that looked a bit like what I had in mind. I ended up perusing her site a bit and followed a link to another blog called Chatting at the Sky. Emily at Chatting at the Sky is a really talented writer and photographer. Yesterday, while searching for a tutorial that would help me add an email subscription option to my blog, I discovered Google Reader. This allows you to subscribe to blogs and lists them all in one place. It also shows you which ones have been updated since you last visited. So I subscribed to A Soft Place to Land and Chatting at the Sky and also my friend Lindsay’s blog, Little Thoughts by lt. (However, I can’t figure out how to offer an email subscription option on my website!!! 🙁 ) (As of 3/13/10…I figured it out!!!!! You can now subscribe to receive email updates whenever I post a new article by entering your email address in the box in the right column and hitting the submit button!!) Every tutorial makes it sound so easy that it doesn’t require instructions. This has been a humbling experience, because it sure doesn’t seem so simple to me.

Anyway, today Google Reader told me that there was a new post at Chatting at the Sky. So I checked it out. And that is how I found Blessed Moon‘s “I’m not at Blissdom Blog Hop” and decided to join the party. I took a peak at a number of the other blogs that were linked up to the party and here is my non-Blissdom blog lesson of the day: I need to post more pictures. I am attracted to blogs that look more like a children’s book (These Are the Days, and Livi & B) than a novel (mine). This is something that I actually think I can do. Without getting frustrated by my lack of technical saavy. (As of 3/16/10, this has been accomplished. I have taken and added pictures into even my older posts so that almost every post has either a picture or a video associated with it 🙂 )

Of course there are a thousand other things I want to do as well, which won’t be so easy. So maybe you followed my link from the party and want to help a girl out? How do I add an email subscription option? A follow me on twitter link? (As of mid-February, you can find a “Follow me on Twitter button at the bottom of the page, as well as a list of recent comments, links, and archives.) How do you add the “You might also like…” thing to the bottom of a blog post which leads readers to other blog posts? I’d appreciate any insight you have to share!

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