The bun in my oven is halfway cooked! Here we are at 20 weeks:

The baby is currently the size of the monkey Josiah has recently taken to carrying around with him.Up until week 20, the baby is measured from head to rump…which is currently about 6.5 inches.From here on out, measurements are taken from head to toe. Right now, the baby is about 10 inches long.The baby is growing…and so am I!!

You may or may not have noticed that I failed to share baby bump pictures last week. We were in Knoxville visiting family, and completely neglected to take any. A week ago today, we were unwrapping gifts with Grammy, Uncle Chip, Aunt Chris and the cousins. We took several pictures, so I thought I might be able to find one that showed the bump. However, it seems that either an arm…

…a suitcase……or a cup…was (strategically ?) placed in the way.

Ah well. What can we do?

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