Here we are at 26 weeks.

Can you believe my little lady still has 14ish weeks left to grow? My belly button has already popped.

I often find myself trying to pass through areas that are just not wide enough because I forget about my extra appendage. Not sure how or why I forget…with all the cartwheels she is turning in there to remind me.

I am having quite a lot of “braxton hicks” contractions. I am sure I had these in my first pregnancy, but I didn’t really recognize what they were. Now that I have gone through labor, and know what contractions feel like, I can distinguish between them and a kick or other movement. I think this is also why I started to feel this little one moving around at 12-13 weeks but not until 22-23 weeks last time. If you are currently pregnant with your first, let’s see if I can describe the sensations for you:

KICKS: At first you might mistake a kick or other movement for hunger pains/pangs. When they are really little, and the movements aren’t that strong it is just a little flutter like your stomach churning. You might also compare it to the butterflies you get when you are nervous or mild nausau (like when you kinda feel like you might throw up…but are pretty sure you won’t because it isn’t that bad). But it is deeper inside you. I dunno, its hard to describe…but I can distinguish now between what is in my stomach and what is in my womb, something that took a lot more time with my first pregnancy. As they get bigger and stronger, it is MUCH easier to recognize. Now I can actually see my stomach moving when she kicks. And it feels more like a kick in the gut. Probably because that is what it is :).

CONTRACTIONS: In reality, contractions are your muscles squeezing in…but I think what it actually feels like is the baby pushing out. Unlike the kicks, you can feel it from all sides…like an elbow momentarily lodged into your ribs at the same time a foot is pushing up from your hip. You can feel the pressure from all sides and sometimes it sort of takes your breathe away (literally) and makes you stop whatever you are doing. But they don’t last long. They are jarring…but I wouldn’t really say they are painful.

Does that make any sense at all?

Any other moms out there who remember the feeling of kicks and/or early contractions? Any other ways to describe it? Please add your comments!

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