Remember when Selah was one month old and I told you of my grand and glorious plans to take monthly photos on different fabrics and then save them for a future quilt? Ya. Well. The fabrics for the 1 month and 2 months photos were things I had on hand. And I never went out to get anything for month 3…so I have pretty much decided to forgo the plan, already. Besides the fact that I have already failed, the last thing I need is a stack of fabrics to store for X number of years OR another project on my “someday…when I get to it…” agenda!

But I still thought I’d share some photos of my 3 month old (well, 3 months and 5 days to be exact)….

In all my plans for the quilt photos, I forgot about what we did when Josiah was itty bitty…we took pictures with him next to a teddy bear. It was fun to see him grow in relation to the bear. Wish I would have done that earlier with Selah as she has already about doubled in size!!! Why do they have to grow so fast? Anyway, I decided its better late than never, she still has plenty of growing left to do. Maybe the teddy bear photos can mark her growth at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months? We’ll see if I can follow through on that one.

While Daddy snapped these pictures I was a bit to the side trying to get her to smile at me…look at how she responds to all my silly faces…

“O mom!”“What is she doing?”“I don’t know her!”“Maybe if I smile she’ll stop.”

And then it started raining. So we did.

I am convinced she is about the prettiest thing I have EVER seen.

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