Here we are at 30 Weeks:

She weighs about 3 pounds now and is probably about 15-16 inches long. Today she is curled up in such a way that the right side of my belly sticks out farther than my left side. I don’t think she is very comfortable that way, though…she keeps sticking her elbow into my side in order to reposition herself.

The swelling has started. I can still wear my wedding ring on my finger, and my ankles don’t have rolls yet…but my toes look pudgy. Ick.

  1. Lindsay says:

    Aw you look so great! How funny that she’s on your side – I would think that would be uncomfortable, too. Do you remember when you first felt her move? Or when you first felt Josiah since he was your first?

  2. Alisha says:

    Thanks 🙂 With this pregnancy I felt the first movement (very subtle) at somewhere around 12-14 weeks. The first time I don’t think it was until about 22-23 weeks…but it wasn’t so much that I didn’t feel it as it was that I didn’t recognize it. Did you catch my post at 26 weeks about kicks and contractions? If not here it is:

    I know my descriptions in that post may be hard to understand until you’ve felt it for yourself…but they might help you to be able to recognize what it feels like. At 17 weeks, she is probably moving plenty…but it will be a while before it is obvious enough that you KNOW what is going on inside you.

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