31 Weeks! Time is flying!

Here we are:

My feet are falling asleep all the time, something I understand to be related to poorer circulation during pregnancy. I blow my nose about 100 times a day, another thing I understand to be related to pregnancy, though I am not really sure why. Tums are becoming a regular part of my diet. And getting up from sitting on the floor has become a real chore. Other than that (and almost constant lower back/hip pain) I am feeling pretty normal. Truly, despite my few sentences of bickering…I am really doing great!

Even though the placenta is sitting on top–meaning there is more of a barrier between my little lady’s kicks and and the visible surface of my stomach–others can often WATCH, rather than feel, her kicks and squirming. So cool to have such a visible reminder that the little one in my womb is alive and well 🙂

I have been more unwilling to hold/carry Josiah for several (probably obvious) reasons: it is awkward, he is heavy, and my back hurts just carrying me and one baby around. He doesn’t really like this new development and seems to be extra clingy–unwilling to sit on anyone else’s lap or let anyone else do the carrying. He’ll have a lot more big brother adjustments to make when she arrives…but I think he is going to be thrilled when he gets to meet his little sister!

Here is a cute picture when I was just under 31 Weeks pregnant with Josiah

…wearing the same shirt :)…This is one of my favorite “maternity” shirts that was purchased in the regular woman’s section at the Gap rather than in the maternity section (but it looks maternity, I think). It was on clearance for just a couple bucks (I had to mend the strap, which is why it was so cheap 🙂 Love that.).

Anyway, that ring around my neck in the photo is still on my finger this pregnancy, and I am thankful that I am not having to deal with so much swelling–even my ankles are staying pretty normal. I would be curious to know how much of this is due to the different seasons and how much is due to it just being a different pregnancy.

  1. Lindsay says:

    Lish- I’m very much the same as far as the nose goes: look what i found:
    “This condition is so common, there’s even a name for it: “rhinitis of pregnancy.”Higher estrogen levels during pregnancy can contribute to swelling in the mucous membranes lining the nose and may even cause you to make more mucus. At the same time, your blood volume is increasing and blood vessels expanding, which can also lead to swollen nasal membranes. So it’s no surprise that many women sniffle their way through pregnancy. “Pregnancy is a snotty time,”

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