Here we are at 33 Weeks…

I noticed this week that I am officially waddling…my “gait” has a bit of a back and forth swing to it, and it is very awkward to try to walk with straight feet (my toes like to turn out a bit). This is certainly no runway walk!

Predictions have begun trickling in…and I thought it would be fun to have a bit of a poll:

On what day will our baby girl arrive?

Leave a comment letting us know what you think. Think you can nail down the precise time? Go for it!

THERE IS A PRIZE for the individual(s) who comes closest to our little lady’s actual birthday…

a jumbo-size box of newborn diapers!

(Which you are welcome to re-gift if you determine you have no need for them yourself :)).

Information you may find pertinent, useful, or fun in developing your guess:

Josiah’s due date was November 24th and he arrived at 4:22 pm November 16th.

This little lady’s due date has been set for May 17th. The accuracy of this date has been confirmed within 1-2 days at each appointment where they have checked up on her size and/or development.

Mother’s Day is May 8th.

My birthday is May 11th.

I am currently signed up to participate in my graduation ceremony on May 14th.

Excited to know what you think!

  1. Chris says:

    I’m voting for Friday the 13th and hoping that they let you stay at the hospital when you think you’re in labor this time because it will be quicker than last time! 🙂

  2. Katie Schroeder says:

    Just for fun, I am going to guess my own birthday, May 15th, so we can share it! (And that way you still get to go to graduation!)

  3. Serena says:

    As much as I would like to guess my own birthday, the 22nd, I am going to go with yours the 11th. (You’d probably be mad if you were past your due date long enough to make it to my birthday…haha) Although, when I graduated there was a girl there who gave birth the night before and still made it to the ceremony. Tempting, but I am sticking with the 11th.

  4. Darbi Harms says:

    May 19th – My parents anniversary. As far as time, let’s say 145pm. Kaylee was born on Phil’s parents’ anniversary. =)

  5. Abby says:

    I’m thinking May 16th, ’cause the second one is always easier and faster, right? And, it’s easier to remember the 16th for both son and daughter, right? I”m going to extend my guess to time of day, somewhere between 6-8am. I was born at 7:55am, so it seems like a good fit to me!

  6. Aunt Amber says:

    Cinco de Mayo! That way you will still be able to walk at graduation AND she will be able to celebrate with you. Since Lindsay has also guessed that date, I better give the exact time as well: 9:50am. The same time I was born.

    Bring on the diapers!

  7. MOM says:

    First, I want to know why Amber wants the diapers!

    Next: new information for everyone:

    Alisha’s due date was May 17. She was born on May 11 at 3:00 p.m.ish So……. I am going for “like mother like daughter”. May 11th at 3:00 p.m. ish.

  8. Alisha says:

    Is it unfair or bad etiquette if I decide to weigh in myself?

    I am thinking May 7th at 4:22 pm. Just cuz…

    But when ya think about it: It WOULD make for a nice Mother’s Day the next day. Would also mean that Rodney’s 2 weeks FMLA fall at an even two weeks in his training schedule…the second of which would correspond to my family’s visit. AND–with a week before graduation–I would probably fit into a dress I already have from early pregnancy (I am pretty sure I wouldn’t fit into any dress I have with THIS belly)…and my ankles would probably be back to normal (nice, since that is really the only part of me you see under my robe, anyway). Ya, those are the things I consider 🙂

    That is only five weeks away!

  9. Josiah's Dad says:

    Since it hasn’t been taken yet, I’m going to say May 12th, at 7:39 pm. I have absolutely no reasoning behind this other than Josiah’s Mom telling me I needed to vote…..

  10. Aunt Amber's friend Jodi (who secretly reads your blog rather often) says:

    I’m going for May 14th. I wish I knew what time your graduation ceremony is at, because I definitely want to place it around that time :).

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