34 Weeks and counting…

34 Weeks is sort of a milestone: statistically most babies born from week 34 on do just fine…as well as full-term babies. She probably weighs somewhere between 4 and 5 pounds already…and is probably somewhere around 18 inches long.


As I stated in this post, it was my goal to have our Top 10 Baby Girl Names narrowed down to a Top 5 list this week. Well, our top 5 list actually has 6 names on it…

In addition to the 10 names on our list, we received 2 other suggestions to consider: Mariah (a variation of Mary which sounds cute with Josiah) and Charis (which is Greek for “grace” and sounds nice with our last name). To be honest, Rodney crossed both off the list before they were ever officially on it (as has been the case for at least 2/3 of the name ideas I bring up). Sometimes his quick and definite decision-making is annoying because it seems he doesn’t even consider it. On the other hand, this is one of those opposites attract things and I am grateful that he is a quick decision-maker. It balances me out…and I no longer get stuck at the counter at the ice-cream store for an hour  trying to make an impossible decision on my own 🙂

So, sticking with the original list of 10, we each individually chose two names to cross off the list and also marked our two favorites. The names I eliminated were Lily/Lilian/Lilyanne/LilyAnne/Lilyan Jean and Rebekah Jean. I knocked off Lily/Lilian/Lilyanne/LilyAnne/Lilyan Jean because I think Lily is too little girl for my daughter to have when she is a 40-year-old woman, but I just wasn’t fully satisfied with any other combination, spelling, or pronunciation which incorporated Lily. I knocked off Rebekah because I realized there were 9 other good names on our list so there was no need to “recycle” a name in the Nabity clan yet (as I mentioned before, I have a cousin named Rebekah). Rodney knocked off Melody Mae and Sophia Jean…”just because.”

When it came to favorites, we do have one name that we both chose as 1 of our 2 favorites…so it is quite possible that our daughter’s name is already chosen. But, Lily and Sophia have both had their few weeks at the top of the name list and they aren’t even on the list anymore…so things could still change. Plus, it seems sorta weird to me to name her before we meet her…what if it doesn’t fit?

SO…I think I am going to stick with my plan of narrowing the list down each week until we are certain… (OK, until I am certain…the hubby could quit talking about it yesterday and be satisfied with the decision). And I AM going to be cruel and not tell you what name is currently in the number one spot…because I really truly am not convinced yet…

So here are our Top 6 baby girl names, in no particular order (along with all the same info I shared a couple weeks ago):

Jael Jean

  • This name was my dad’s suggestion, kind of fun.
  • Jael was a character in the Bible, and her story is in Judges 4-5. Although she is regarded as a heroine, her story is kind of dark and gory: she stuck a tent stake through a man’s skull while he slept.
  • Definition sites say that Jael means “wild gazelle” or “mountain goat” in Hebrew. However, I think another (better) Hebrew meaning can be identified: Ja is a shortened form of Yahweh (Js and Ys are interchangeable when transliterating from Hebrew) and el is a shortened form of Elohim (God). These are the same word parts found in the name Elijah (God is Yahweh) and so Jael would mean “Yahweh is God.”
  • How would you pronounce this name if you saw it? I pronounce it J-L (with slightly more accent on the L)…is she in danger of being called jail? Although this name is not new or weird for me (I have known a few Jaels in my life) I am not sure everyone is so familiar with it?
  • Again, we would probably use Jean as the middle name: my mom’s name, my middle name, and means “LORD of Grace” (see above).
  • Initials: JJK.

Selah Mae /Saelah Mae

  • Selah is a musical term found throughout the Psalms. You will see it transliterated (into selah) rather than translated (into an English word) in your English Bibles, because scholars aren’t really sure what it means. At the popular level, it has been suggested that it means “pause” or “reflect”…while it does seem to appear at times where this response is appropriate, this isn’t a musical term and probably isn’t what the word actually meant: however, it may mean “musical interlude” or “coda” or “decrescendo” or something like that which would set the mood for those listening to pause and reflect. At any rate, it is a pretty word found in several significant and meaningful places in the Psalms.
  • This is another name that we probably wouldn’t pair with Jean, as Selah Mae just sounds really pretty together.
  • I don’t really know what a shortened nickname for Selah would be, but I feel like I would probably actually call her Selah Mae (as in use both names) because is has such a cute ring to it.
  • This is another name that may have pronunciation complications: how would YOU pronounce it? SAY-lah is how we say it. Spelling it Saelah may be one way to emphasize the long a sound in the first syllable…and I really like the ae combination…but that isn’t how it is spelled in the Bible, so I am torn.
  • Initials: SMK

Naomi Jean

  • Naomi is a Bible character, the mother-in-law of Ruth in the book of Ruth. She appears to be a wise and loving woman, although she is really just a peripheral character in the story of Ruth.
  • Naomi means “pleasant” in Hebrew.
  • Again, we would probably use Jean as the middle name: my mom’s name, my middle name, and means “LORD of Grace” (see above).
  • Perhaps a nickname would be “Mimi.”? I like it.
  • Initials: NJK

Gabrielle Amber

  • Gabrielle means “heroine of God” in Hebrew (notice the same el word part noted above which means God).
  • This is another name we have paired with a middle name other than Jean. Amber is my sister’s name and Rodney suggested using Gabrielle and/or Annabelle (I didn’t note it above with Annabelle as this would make her intials “aak!”…but it isn’t really off the table there either). Amber is a golden brown gem that comes from a natural tree resin, which is pretty.
  • I have mixed feelings about the nickname Gabby: I have a good friend from college named Gabby (one of my bridesmaids)…as far as I associate the name with her, I really like it…otherwise, I might think it described someone who “gabs” (talks/gossips) a lot. Rodney really likes the nickname…just because.
  • Initials: GAK (Is that really any better than AAK…maybe not?)

Annabelle Jean/Annabelle Amber

  • Anna is a variation of Hannah which comes from the Hebrew root “hnn” and means grace. b’ is a Hebrew preposition which generally means “in,” “with,” or “by means of” and El is God. So, in Hebrew, Annabelle would mean “Grace in God.” Belle also means beauty in French.
  • You will notice that “Jean” is the middle name paired with most of our names. This is my mom’s name and my middle name, and I really just like it. It can be broken down in Hebrew into two parts: Je is the shortened form of “Yahweh” (Js and Ys are interchangeable when transliterating from Hebrew); As before, an comes from the Hebrew root “hnn” and means grace. So it means “Yahweh (LORD) of Grace.”
  • I like both the nicknames Anna and Belle a lot (but Rodney doesn’t really like Belle, it sounds too Disney Princess for him…I have not reminded him that it is also popular right now because of Twilight).
  • Initials would be AJK, the same as me 🙂 OR AAK… aak!

Sydney Mae

  • We didn’t know before Josiah was born whether we were having a boy or a girl. Sydney Mae was the top girl name on our list at that time.
  • This time, we would probably use Jean as the middle name: again, this is my mom’s name, my middle name, and means “LORD of Grace” (see above).
  • Big mark against this name: it means “wide island” in Old English. I can’t really dissect any Hebrew meaning out of it, and my limited knowledge of Greek only gives me “iron, yes” or perhaps “certain as iron” which is really not much better than wide island.
  • We both like the nickname Syd.
  • Initials would be SJK.

So there you have it…our top 6 Baby Girl Names. I’d still LOVE to know what you think. Are there any bad nicknames or associations we are forgetting/missing? What are your favorites? Any others that you think fit our criteria and we should consider?

DISCLAIMER: In the end, of course, the decision will be made between Rodney and I…no hurt feelings if we don’t heed your advice/suggestions, please. She’ll be easy to love no matter what her name is 🙂

[Next week I’ll begin the rose-ceremony-like-process of kicking off a name a week until she is born!]

  1. BrittanyF. says:

    Of the ones left, I like Naomi and Sydney.
    Is Selah pronounced Say-la…if so that could grow on me. I like it because it is unique. The others seem to common for me. Except Jael. Pretty teenage, adult name but it doesn’t sound like a name for a little girl. Just my opinion.

  2. Grammy Sammy says:

    Sydney Mae is sweet for both a little girl and a grown woman. Really..I just want her healthy and perfectly made 🙂

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