Here we are at 35 Weeks:

I had a check-up this morning. Did you know that when you measure the size of a baby bump from the “crease” at its base to the “crease” at the top, the number of centimeters matches the number of weeks you are pregnant? I think that is so interesting. Whenever the nurse does this at my check-ups the measurements are right on, today we measured 35 centimeters exactly. She also felt around and confirmed that the baby’s head is downward…and it is so snug in there right now that she probably won’t flip herself over fully before the due date arrives. She is in position and ready to come out!

We are still finalizing our name decision: This week, we are crossing “Naomi Jean” off the list. At this point, we actually really like ALL of the names on my list, and can’t really give a better reason than “just because.” Both Rodney and I really like the name Naomi…probably even more than others on the list…but we also both agree that it just doesn’t fit. We try to use it in reference to our little girl, but it doesn’t work…It isn’t our daughter’s name.

Here are the TOP FIVE little girl names which remain as options for our little girl, as well as some abbreviated and/or new thoughts about them. (For more info about the meaning of the names or our thoughts about them, click here to see the original TOP TEN list.)

Sydney Mae

  • Sydney means “wide island” in Old English…really not cool, but we still like it a lot.
  • May is the month she will be born, but we prefer the spelling Mae for a middle name. No real great meaning…but, again, we just like it.
  • We both like the nickname Syd.

Gabrielle Amber

  • Gabrielle means “heroine of God” in Hebrew.
  • Amber is my sister’s name: Amber is a golden brown gem that comes from a natural tree resin.
  • I like the nickname “Ella”…but Rodney really likes “Gabby.” Is it cute if we call her different names or weird?

Selah/Saelah Mae

  • Selah is a musical term found in several significant and meaningful places in the Psalms, although its precise meaning is unknown.
  • May is the month she will be born, but we prefer the spelling Mae for a middle name. No real great meaning, but we like it.
  • Selah/Saelah Mae has such a cute ring together, this lengthened form may actually be the nickname we use rather than any shortened form.
  • This name has pronunciation complications: SAY-lah is how we say it. I am torn about the best way to spell it (Saelah may be more clear, but Selah is the correct English transliteration from Hebrew).

Jael Jean

  • Jael was a character in the Bible: her story is in Judges 4-5.
  • Jael means “Yahweh is God.”
  • Jean means “LORD of Grace” and is both my mom’s name and my middle name.
  • A possible nickname might be “Ella”..I really like it.

Annabelle Jean/Amber

  • Annabelle means “Grace in God” in Hebrew. Belle also means “beauty” in French.
  • Jean means “LORD of Grace” and is both my mom’s name and my middle name. Amber is my sister’s name: Amber is a golden brown gem that comes from a natural tree resin. We are not sure what middle name might best be paired with the first name, Annabelle.
  • I love both the nicknames Anna and Belle a lot. Rodney doesn’t love Belle.

As before, we would LOVE to know what you think. Especially if we are failing to recognize any bad/teasing nicknames or if there are any famous associations we are forgetting…

DISCLAIMER: In the end, of course, the decision will be made between Rodney and I…no hurt feelings if we don’t seem to heed your advice/suggestions, please. She’ll be easy to love no matter what her name is 🙂

Next week we’ll be narrowing this list to four!!



  1. BrittanyF. says:

    I really like Ella like you have listed with Jael. Just a suggestion, but have you considered simply naming her Ella? Remember how you thought you would call Josiah a nickname, but never do. And I thought I would shorten Elijah, but never do…

    It is always confusing later in life when you go by one name, but your real name is something else….especially when they are as different as Jael and Ella.

    Remember…just my opinion and you asked for any problems that there may be 🙂

  2. MOM says:

    hummmm… I liked Naomi – but alas.

    Anyway.. My least favorite is Sydney – but – if it is my granddaughter’s – name it will quickly become my favorite!!

  3. Aunt R says:

    We almost named Annalise, Annabelle. Sydney is probably my least favorite as well, no reason. All the Gabrielles I have known (3), have definitely been “gabby” 🙂 Jael and Selah go on the more unique side of things. . . but you already know that. . .not much help, just wanted to say best of luck on your decision making and looking forward to seeing precious baby pictures! Oh BTW, baby bump is in cm, not inches 🙂

  4. Alisha says:

    Thanks mom. You bought me that shirt when I was pregnant with Josiah 🙂 It isn’t very often grown women can pull off great big bows, but tied on top of a baby bump is one time that it works, I think.

  5. Alisha says:

    Britt …great suggestion (Ella)…I need to talk it over more with Rod. You are SO RIGHT about the nickname thing. At first, I try to think through nicknames it is just to see if there are any bad ones…but then I go and think I am gonna use them all the time. But you are right, I have almost never called Josiah “Si” as I thought I would.

  6. Alisha says:

    Linds – I’m sorta ready in the sense of uncomfortable…but our bedrooms aren’t….so I have that keeping me busy in the interim, and also making me feeling NOT SO ready. But in the next few weeks I expect a lot of things to come together, and we’ll be making the journey up to the attic to get the car seat out and hooked up 🙂 It IS right around the corner…

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