Here we are at 36 Weeks. Lots of people would call this “full-term” (others would say we are still a week away from full-term)…either way, this little lady could be welcomed into the world fully developed and healthy any day now.

I am pretty sure I LOOK as tired as I feel…the bags under my eyes feel almost as big as my belly. I guess we are getting prepared for our night-time feeding routine AFTER the baby is born by nightly potty breaks and having to fully wake in order to roll myself over in the middle of the night NOW. I think God planned it that way: the preparation procedure.

Anyway, there are 4 more weeks until the due date, and we are down to 4 names on the list. This week we are crossing off Gabrielle. My reason is only as eloquent as Rodney’s have been all along…”just cuz.” Our Top 4 Baby Girl Names, then, in no particular order, are:

Selah/Saelah Mae

Annabelle Jean/Amber

Jael Jean

Sydney Mae

Next week only three will be left…

We would still very much welcome your thoughts!! 🙂

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