38 Weeks…and the countdown to delivery day has begun!

Pregnancy is definitely feeling not so beautiful. I am swelling, outgrowing my maternity clothes, and generally just feeling huge.

I WAS feeling like the fat face thing was coming back…but then I looked at this picture from my last pregnancy…(which was actually at 36 weeks, 2 weeks less pregnant!). It was fatter then.

This was the last picture I took during my last pregnancy and it was right around 38 weeks:

The doctor already told me not to expect the baby to drop until pretty much the day she arrives (I guess my hips have already been widened enough that that step isn’t necessary in my second pregnancy), but the pictures make it look like this baby is already sitting lower than Josiah was just a week before he was born. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try to put that same shirt on and take a true profile picture and we’ll see.

This week we are crossing Jael Jean off the name list. Sorry mom, it looks like there won’t be a third generation Jean yet. Our Top 2 Baby Girl Names, then (in no particular order) are:

Selah Mae


Annabelle Amber

Pretty soon the pictures I have to share are going to be much cuter…little eyes, button nose, itty bitty toes…not just a ginormous bump. I am looking forward to i t 🙂


  1. Aunt Amber says:

    In order for my prediction to be correct, you should be in some pain at this point. 9:50 am today. What do you say, Baby Girl?

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