It is already time for another Tuesday Tour. The past several weeks I have shown you around Josiah’s nursery. This week I am going to invite you inside of my kitchen cupboards. Crazy, I know…but bear with me.

See that nasty dirty bucket loaded with poisonous cleaning products? This is one place I definitely do NOT want my baby playing. Like many parents, the moment Josiah started crawling we were confronted with our severe need for baby-proofing. Cabinet locks were a first step. If you look closely at the corner right inside the open cabinet, you will see several pen marks and screw holes from our initial failed attempts. We don’t want you to make the same mistakes we did…so let me share…

First we tried The First Years American Red Cross Cabinet and Door Latches. I think was right around $4 for a pack of eight, but you certainly shouldn’t quote me on it. They were awful! We didn’t even get a single one installed before they were bent or broken. Do not waste your money on these:Next we tried Safety 1st Spring and Release Latches. These come in a pack of three for around $3. These were slightly better. At least we got them installed and opened and closed the cupboards a few times before I broke one. Like the option above, these work by opening the cabinet slightly and then sliding your finger in to release the lock. The problem with this is that the size of one’s finger determines the ease at which one can do so. My husband had a hard time getting his finger in there to release the lock…and he certainly doesn’t need another excuse not to get at the cleaning products! Overall, I wouldn’t recommend these either:Next we tried the Safety 1st Tot Lok System. It was substantially more expensive, about $25 for 8 locks and one “key”….but it was money well spent:

Besides the fact that they actually worked, the Tot Lok System had a bunch of nifty stuff to help you install the locks properly….something my husband was very thankful for. We also really like that this opens from the outside: you don’t have to slide your fingers inside the cupboard to release the lock you just slide the “key” (a magnet) along the outside to release it. This also means the cabinet stays completely shut…so no little fingers can maneuver their way in or get pinched in the process. The only negative I can think of is that the pack only came with one “key”…I am pretty amazed we (ok, I) haven’t lost it yet. I am sure another magnet would work…but it would have to be stronger than the ABC magnets we have on our refrigerator.

Because he loves me so much, my husband was willing to record this video to share with you our little baby-proofing adventure….If you are planning on baby proofing your cabinets soon, I advise you watch this first:


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  1. Amber says:

    These are great!! I’ve used them before and need to install them again in our new house. (They do sell replacement “keys” at Babies R Us, and probably elsewhere, just in case you need one. I recommend always sticking it in the same place – like up high on the side of your fridge – and hopefully it won’t walk away on it’s own!)

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