This is the custom baby blanket quilt that I made for Reese.When Reese’s mom saw the custom baby blanket quilt that I had made for my own son, Josiah, she began to dream up what she might include on a quilt for her own little girl: Bible verses, significant numbers, names, and teaching tools. She sent me a sketch with some of her ideas and then we spent some time discussing colors. Based on her sketch, color choices, and also what I felt I could accomplish with fabric and thread as my medium, I drew up the following plan and sent it to Reese’s mom for approval. My sketch differed from hers’ mostly due to the incorporation of different colored backgrounds for each of the quilt squares (I tried to arrange the squares in such a way that the colors would be balanced but not overly organized). I also simplified a few of her ideas (including only ABC and 123 instead of the entire alphabet and all 10 digits, and having a simple music note represent their family’s musical interest rather than the more complicated bass and treble clef images she originally suggested). These simplifications were necessary for me to successfully represent her ideas with fabric and thread as my medium, but did not significantly change her original desire for the blanket and what it would represent. I was so glad Reese’s mom was willing to sketch out and discuss her desires, for she came up with some great ideas…like using yarn for hair, and including pre-made items like the hat Reese wore home from the hospital.Upon receiving Reese’s mom’s whole-hearted approval, and I got busy transferring the image to fabric.

I was excited to incorporate a number of fun stitches to the various quilt squares.

Because these stitches are all accomplished with my sewing machine (rather than being entirely hand-stitched like the blanket I made for Josiah), I was able to cut the amount of time I spent embroidering quilt squares (and therefore hourly wage charged) from 50+ hours on Josiah’s baby blanket to about 5 hours on this quilt for Reese. I’ll admit I was actually most excited about the way the reverse side of the blanket turned out. Reese’s mom asked if I could use Reese’s hospital receiving blanket as the reverse side of the quilt. Because it was not large enough to cover the entire reverse side when making the blanket the dimensions that Reese’s mom desired, I asked her if it would be OK if I cut and quilted it back together. Again, she approved…and I got busy.The two coordinating flannels and pink minky fabric provide an incredibly soft surface to cuddle up on…a nice compliment to the other side which, constructed of mostly classic cottons, would probably be better characterized as a playmat surface.Reese is well over a year old now, and mom and dad report that this blanket is a favorite…such that no other blanket they use to line the pack ‘n play is ever quite satisfactory. I quite appreciate Reese’s approval!

Custom creations are SO FUN to make and I so enjoy contributing to the making of memories and special connections!

Please let me know if you are interested in working with me to create your own custom baby quilt or other creation!

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  1. Aunt Amber says:

    Did you really have time to post this today?

    It is super cute though – I especially love the idea of attaching the hat. How sentimental!

  2. Cheri says:

    Reese’s mom here–‘Lish did such a good job on Reese’s blanket. We have been travelling a lot these last several months, and I kick myself if I ever leave home w/o it. I also asked that it be machine-washable (demanding much?) and I’m so glad she complied–y’all know baby stuff gets dirty quickly! We looove it, and Alisha (and Josiah and Selah Mae, and Rodney, to a slightly lesser degree.)! (;

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