Last week, I gave you the opportunity to share your ideas about what we should do with our third bedroom, given our list of needs and also the furniture we have available to us. Truth be told, I wrote those lists about a month and a half ago…and have already made a few decisions and progressed on this room since then. We still haven’t made every decision…we are just taking it one or two steps at a time. Originally, we intended to work on one room of the big bedroom swap around at a time. I thought I had until the master bedroom was finished to finalize my decorating decisions for bedroom #3. However, we reached a sort of standstill with getting electricity wired for the walk-in closet light. We are working on a timetable, so rather than sit around on our hands, we decided to get going on bedroom #3. I am glad we did.

We decided to make this bedroom a kid’s room SLASH guestroom. By using the twin beds, we would have adequate sleep space for our occasional guests (actually, two twin beds is more bed space than the full-size bed we used to have for our guests if you measure it)–but for the other 330 some days a year, Josiah will be able to claim this room–and a big boy bed–as his own.

I knew right away that I wanted to paint the beds red…there is just something about red furniture. It makes such a statement. A statement I love. I took a picture of these two pieces when “shopping” at Crate and Barrel a while back (shopping is in quotation marks because I enter such stores to shop for ideas to mimic, NOT actually to shop for stuff with high price tags).

My sister recently painted her kitchen cabinets and a few pieces of furniture she picked up at a garage sale red..

I LOVE how they turned out…pretty much exactly what I want the beds to look like.

Before starting on painting the beds, though, I wanted to get them into the room and set them up to get a visual of how they might fit and what space this would leave me for other furniture. The beds (which were in my husband’s room when he was a kid) are quite versatile. They can be set up as two twin beds, bunked, or trundled (one bed slides under the other and can be pulled out for extra sleep space).  I knew I didn’t want bunkbeds yet…but I wasn’t sure about trundling.

We felt we had four main options: We could set up two separate twin beds something like this:

Or trundle them here:


or here:

We decided that option #1 was our favorite arrangement. Although at first it seemed to have the disadvantage of taking up the most floor space…we realized that leaving room for the trundle to be pulled out limited what we did with the surrounding space at least as much…and we felt that we would want the trundle to be pulled out most of the time, anyway, since the top bed would be too high for our two-year-old and we really wanted him to be able to claim this space and bed as his own. It also offers the advantage of running a cord under the bed so that the main light could be on the opposite side of the room. See, the light switch is not connected to an overhead light, but one of the wall outlets (the outlet on the wall which is to the right when you walk in the door). Although I am still not sure what sort of lamps/lighting we will be using, only arrangements 1 and 4 gave us the option of running a cord under the bed so that the light switch would turn on a light on the far side of the room, and option 4 was our least favorite (we have really felt that the placement of this switch/outlet is odd, and with our last bedroom arrangement in this room, we didn’t even use the switch because it didn’t work out for a lamp to be near that outlet…at any rate, it makes arranging this room a bit of a challenge).

You may also remember from my last post that we are in need of places to put toys. I admit I was a bit disappointed to find out when we set the beds up that there was almost no room to slide anything under them…even those under the bed-size storage boxes would have been too tall. When both beds are set up, they are each only has high as the bottom trundle bed (it takes some extender pieces to attach the mattress on the upper bed when they are trundled, and it requires that the mattress be suspended between both head boards).

So we put on our thinking caps and got our creative juices running and decided to make the beds taller. We found these 9-inch table legs that we thought could work to raise the beds.

At about 3.44 a piece, they added about $30 of expense to the project, but will give us LOTS of under the bed storage space, and make the beds more of a standard height. I think this will also be nice since these are to serve as guest beds, not just kid beds. The octagonal corners, though, didn’t match the curves that are already on the bed (this photo is of the foot of the headboard, when leaned upside down against the wall)…

So I’ve been sanding and sanding…

…I sure hope this works as well and looks as good as they do in my head.

So…besides red beds…what is the plan?

Well, before I knew we are having a girl (and kinda, sorta thought it was gonna be a boy)…I was thinking I wanted an airplane themed big boy room. This idea originated with this model plane which is currently hanging in our garage:

…it was something my husband started with his dad when he was a kid, but got put off when his parents separated. Years later, his dad finished it for him as a gift…and it means quite a bit to him.

I also picked up these on clearance at Hobby Lobby a while ago:

HOWEVER…after much deliberation, I decided that I want this to be the kids room, not Josiah’s airplane room where I also store baby girl clothes and change little girl diapers (although the red beds will still lend themselves nicely to an airplane themed boy room in the future).

Part of my airplane-theme vision was a striped quilt incorporating antique looking plaids, star patterns, and camouflage patterns–the feel of old fighter planes.

Once again, I realized I am not the first to come up with an idea that I swear originated in my head…Pottery Barn has something very similar:

I think I still want to make a set of striped quilts…but with bright colors to give the feel of a box of crayons rather than the boyish fighter jet “feel”. Maybe something like this:

The quilts are more of a long term, when-I-get-to-it part of the vision…but sort of essential to the “feel” I think I am going for…does anyone else think Eric Carl artwork when they see those quilts? I am thinking that a bed skirt and curtains with with a “hungry caterpillar” sort of dot pattern would go nicely…

I picked up a blue “oops paint” a while back when I wanted the walls to look like a sky background for the airplane theme. (Do you know what I mean by oops paint? This is when they sell a gallon of paint for real cheap because they either mixed the wrong color or the wrong sheen for a customer’s order).  I decided I still liked the color for my new more gender neutral kids room plan.

So…red beds, blue walls…that is about as much as I know for sure about what this room will look like. I am waiting to get that far and then we’ll experiment with what other furniture works best in the room (we still need a changing table for sure).

The “feel” of the room I am now going for may best be captured/represented by the set of blocks I made for Josiah for his second birthday

ABCs…123s…stripes…dots…stars…a box of crayons…The Very Hungry Caterpillar…

Can you feel it? Can you see it?


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