Although it was sad to part with my beautiful, cozy nursery with all of its personal touches, I am confident that this was not the best use of this space for our family. I am very excited to use this room in the future as my sewing space. Like claiming the biggest bedroom downstairs as the master bedroom, using this room as a sewing room seemed like a natural choice…it is a small bedroom–perfect for a crib, one twin bed, or a sewing desk, but not much more than that.

As my sewing space, this room will provide me with a whole closet for nice, organized storage!

The dresser from the nursery (in above photo), which I painted with the same colors as the walls and trim, will provide more organized storage! That dresser and my desk…

…will be all the furniture the room needs (I like to have open floor space for spreading out projects and cutting fabrics). Oh ya, and a desk chair…I picked up this one for $3 at a garage sale for just this purpose:

The way that I painted to room for the nursery–green with big but subtle dots on the walls–will still work just fine for a craft/sewing room.

I tossed around the idea of leaving the curtains and nursery wall decor up…and using what I have left of those same fabrics to cover the ironing board and desk chair seat.

However, I feel like this may always make it look like a nursery that I converted to a craft room (if not for most who look at it…it would for me). While this wouldn’t be so bad considering most of what I sew right now is baby stuff, I think I would rather add a bit more of a sophisticated/feminine flair to the room with these fabrics.

I LOVE these fabrics and used them to make a diaper bag and playmat purse for myself when Josiah was itty bitty. (You may recognize the damask fabric from the Original Playmat Purse for sale in my etsy store). I have plans in mind to design a new style of diaper bag and purchased these rolls when they were on sale to use for that project. I figured I could spare a yard or two for new curtains and to cover my chair seat. This fabric is too expensive and thick to use as an ironing board cover, but I think I’ll be able to find some cotton print or solid color that coordinates well for that (my ironing board is currently coverless as I got heat-and-bond stuck all over the old one accidentally and have been using a towel to iron on for the past several months).

I also have this mannequin:

A good friend of mine thought of me and picked this up (she used to work setting up the window vignettes for a J.Crew store, and got this when one store went out of business). That was already a couple of years ago, so I will be excited to get it out of storage and start using it (for decoration). I am thinking it just needs a stand and then I can cover it with the pretty damask fabric (When I do so I’ll  wrap the legs as one in order to look more like a dress-form than a woman who needs to put clothes on).

My sister had the same idea when she got this for her craft room…

That’s the feminine look I am going for…great minds think alike 🙂 (My sister’s whole craft room is really cute…I’ll have to have her do a guest post to feature it someday.)

My new sewing room should be the first room of the big bedroom swap around to be finished. After all, we aren’t doing any construction or even painting any walls. In fact, I decided that I wouldn’t even repaint the desk (the old paint job is done so poorly that I still really want to do it again…but the color actually worked pretty well in the room so I thought I could make due for a while). So is it ready to reveal?

NO WAY…with the basement bedroom cleared out as a construction zone and the other bedroom cleared out for a new paint job, this room has become a temporary storage facility.

Josiah and I are sharing the closet in the sewing room:

My husband’s closet is currently a hoe suspended between stacks of storage totes:

The desk is currently in use as a changing table:

It’s organized chaos…but just plain too much stuff to really arrange any better.

As soon as I am able to put stuff away, I’ll be in a better place to finish the decor AND get some new SnugasaBugBaby products into production!


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Come back next week when I share our plans for bedroom #3.


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