Having tentatively determined that we would use the basement bedroom as our new master bedroom, and the small bedroom upstairs for my sewing room, it was time to consider what bedroom/space needs were still left unmet. Deciding what to do with our third bedroom has been the greatest challenge for us (me) to make decisions about.

Here is a list of our needs/wants:

  • We need a place for kid and baby clothes. It makes the most sense that the closet in bedroom #3 serve this purpose, although it is not off the table to devote some space in the basement walk-in for one kid or the other.
  • We need a changing table (this need not be the actual changing table that we used for Josiah, we could also attach the changing mat to the top of a dresser…but a place for changing the two kids we will have in diapers is highly desirable/necessary). I want this to be in the same place the baby clothes are stored (although it is not off the table that Josiah’s closet be upstairs and the baby’s clothes and changing table be downstairs.)
  • We would like to have a “big boy bed” for Josiah. While I do not anticipate that he will want to move out of our bed any time soon, and do not intend to push him out before we are all more ready to do so…I also want him to have a place that he can claim as his own whenever he is ready. We could also make his bed the normal place for naps.
  • Josiah’s toy collection has outgrown all of the shelf spaces that we have designated around the house and the toy box is also overflowing. I only expect to accumulate more and more toys for both children, so I would like a place to neatly keep toys. (Again, this bedroom is not the only option: I have been throwing around the idea of making what is currently our dining room/office a full out play space and moving the table into the kitchen.)
  • We would also like to have a guest room. As we have weighed the needs of our family, we have had to assess the legitimate weight of this need…as it is certainly not a daily one. (We’ve tried to recall the visits we have had and expect to have over the next few years, and I’d say that out of 365 days of the year, a guestroom would be in use maybe 20-30 nights? Does that seem right?)

We have also taken into consideration what furniture we already have that will work for this room.

  • The complete bedroom set that was in the guest bedroom downstairs will not fit.

(The three pieces are the tall dresser, bed…

…and vanity):

We could use 1-2 pieces of it, or put the whole thing in storage for a future home (we are definitely not getting rid of it as it belonged to my husband’s great-grandmother, I think…plus I really like it and think it will be well used for our family in the future.) If we do use this set, it would be as is. While I think it would be beautiful in white, we are not yet willing to commit to this and ruin the original finish of such an old piece.

  • We have a dresser that I picked up free off the curb down the street from us several months ago. I love free things, and saw much potential in the dresser (at the time I was actually thinking craft room…but now I will be using the one from the nursery for that). It needs to be painted (well, actually it needs the current paint stripped and THEN it needs to be painted…big job.)

  • We also have the dresser that has been in my closet that I had painted in bright colors for my college dorm room. It needs a make-over as well, but probably not a complete stripping).

  • My mom offered us the toddler bed that my littlest brother outgrew a few years ago. It has been used in their playhouse since then, but she pulled it back inside for Josiah last time we visited. We don’t actually have this in our possession: but it is a very real option.

  • We have a set of 2 twin beds (they also bunk or trundle) that were my husband’s when he was a kid. (Clarification: we have everything we need except mattresses…so this option doesn’t come entirely without cost). They have been in storage, and–while not in real bad shape–could use some fixing up and maybe a paint job.

  • We have the rocking horse that I made in my high school shop class that used to be in the nursery. Josiah is the perfect age/size for it right now so I would like to find someplace in the house for it, if not this room.

  • We have a toy box that currently works pretty well in the living room…but not quite as well with the rearrangement as it used to…now it just looks like one more thing in a long line of stuff shoved against the wall.

  • We have an espresso colored ladder shelf that used to be in the nursery, and in our dining room before that.

  • Of course there are several other items in the house that might be placed in this room with some re-arrangement, but nothing else that really jumps out at me for such a purpose.

SO..I need your help.

What do YOU think we should do with this room given both our needs and the furniture that is available?


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Come back next week when I share what we have decided.


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  1. Jill says:

    Hi Alisha,

    Thanks for joining the Spring Mantel Party! I am so bad at arranging furniture. I can’t figure out how to fit all my nursery pieces, I should check out this series! Anyways, I would be happy to email you the cocoon pattern. I didn’t see your email address, feel free to email me at womenwhodoitall@gmail.com, just be sure to put something obvious in the subject line in case it goes to spam or something, I have that problem sometimes. Can’t wait to see what you end up doing with the room 🙂

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