I hate it when I get to the bottom of a bottle of lotion and, even though I know there is quite a bit more in there, nothing comes up through the pump.  It kind of works to unscrew the pump and shake the rest out, but usually the bottle isn’t designed for that, and instead of funnelling down, a bunch of it gets stuck in the corners. Plus, then you have to find a place to put the pump, which usually ends up smearing lotion all over the top of the dresser. I know….of all the problems in the world, this one is very minor. But it is one of the few problems I have a practical solution for…so I thought I’d share 🙂

So for other frugal mama’s out there who just don’t like the idea of wasting all that lotion…here is tip from me to you:

Cut open the bottle with an old knife (preferably not the one you will still expect to make a smooth slice through a loaf of bread). Then use a spatula to scoop the rest of the lotion into another container.

You’ve just rescued at least a weeks worth bed-time feet & leg slathering that would have otherwise been tossed!

Happy Lotioning!

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