I realized that my past couple of posts about my pregnancy have been pretty blue: whiny and negative. Sorry bout that. Being sick doesn’t usually get me down…I mean I don’t consider it cause to celebrate or anything silly like that. But in contrast to my husband, who reminds me every time his nose runs that he’d rather have his arm cut off (his words) than not feel good, I take my rare illnesses pretty well. If it is a cold type thing, I take it as an excuse to eat whatever food feels good on my throat (always ice cream :)) and if it is a flu-type thing, I take it as an excuse to spend a few days on the couch watching movies AND still losing weight (No, it is not my preferred method of losing weight…but my point is I can usually do a pretty good job focusing my energy and mood upon the silver lining of the situation). Of all “illnesses”, this one has a pretty darn thick silver lining…A BABY (The term “illness” only refers loosely to the symptoms NOT the baby)! Is shouldn’t get me down right? However, there is also the twist that most of the symptoms are the result of a flood of hormones. Hormones bring with them a torrent of emotion. And these aren’t endorphins or other “happy” hormones….they are more like the PMS kind that make every irritation greater and set the tear ducts into overdrive. Last week I made the claim that “this person isn’t me”…and that is exactly how I feel: this person is way too blue. So I just wanted to say I am sorry I am crabby.

The people who probably need to hear that most are my boys, So, Rod and Josiah–I am sorry I am crabby.

I do feel a bit like eeyore with a little black rain cloud hovering over me, casting a grey-blue tint over my life right now.

But I’d be blind not to recognize all the other colors!

Deep red

and orange

and sunshine

and scarlet

and gold

and green.


and yellow

and punkin

and pine.


and yellow.

Ruddy sanguine

with lots of love and sunshine.

The world is SO BEAUTIFUL right now, and God has given us MUCH to be happy about.


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