I remember making these little cars when I was a child. Last week, while at the ranch, I noticed that we had all the necessary ingredients/components and decided to pull it back out for Josiah. It is a fun little activity you may want to try with your kids!

Here is what you need: celery, carrots, peanut butter, raisins/craisins, cheerios, and toothpicks (the sturdier kind with points on both ends).

With Josiah, we needed twice as many craisins as I originally planned on to provide for snitching (PS. My husband thinks “snitching” means “tattle-telling”…but in my vocabulary “snitching” has always referred to sampling something in the kitchen before it is finished.)

It is a easy process: smear peanut butter in the celery, stick toothpicks through the celery to serve as axles, and stick carrots on each end to serve as wheels. Most of those steps require adult fingers, so it is the toddlers job to insert the steering wheel (cheerios) and passengers (craisins/raisins). And then of course to do the test driving…Voila! Craft, snack, and play-time all rolled into one.


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