My good friend, Abbie, is one of my biggest encouragers. Upon my earliest mention of starting SnugasaBugBaby, she was ready with orders to fill. This playmat purse was made especially for a friend of hers.Abbie chose the fabric for the playmat purse surface and paired it with a happy yellow minky for the bags interior/playmat surface. I think it turned out beautifully together!While not the only custom order I have filled for specific colors and prints on playmat purses, this is the only one I have remembered to snap a picture of before sending it off. Silly me.

Most recently, I made a playmat purse with this fabric pairing, and thought it turned out beautifully as well:

What colors, patterns, or prints would YOU like to see in a playmat purse?


  1. Terri Martin says:

    Love this bag!! Great idea! How can I order one? What is the cost? How long does it take to receive it?

    Thanks, Terri

  2. Alisha says:


    Thanks 🙂 My shop has been closed as I have just moved…but not yet unpacked and moved into my new sewing studio. I hope to be moved in enough to re-open my shop by the end of the week, and will let you know when I do 🙂


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