I love ABC themes for nurseries…remember the ABC quilt squares I framed for Josiah’s nursery?

Well, I recently came across this fabulous creation from Sweet Little Smoothie:

Nope it’s not fabric, and it’s not sewn…it’s paper! If you don’t know how to sew, but would like a quilted alphabet for your baby’s room, give paper-quilting a try. The scrap-booking aisles at Hobby Lobby, JoAnns, Michaels, or your favorite crafting/scrap-booking store have tons of great papers, letters, and cut-outs to make your own very personal “quilt.”  Thanks for the great idea, Sweet Little Smoothie!

If you don’t sew OR craft. Check out this poster my friend Lindsay, from Little Thoughts, made:

All those letters are hand-drawn…she is very talented!

You can get one for yourself at her etsy store!

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