I know I already had an official announcement of Selah’s birth on SnugasaBugBaby several days after she was born…but then we had all these cute pictures taken, so I decided to announce her again. It’s my blog and I’ll share if I want to!

Here is a close-up of just my Selah Mae:

I saw a photo of a baby in curled up all womb-like in her daddy’s hands like this, and knew I wanted one like it. The idea instantly evolved in my mind to a spring birth announcement with tulips for our little May baby…in addition to taking the photos of Selah Mae, we had some taken of a couple of the tulips that Josiah and Daddy brought for Selah and I in the hospital and spliced them together in photoshop.

I LOVE how it turned out and am trying to figure out where I might be able to hang a big one in my home!

Thanks so much to our wonderful friend Kaylee, of portscape.smugmug.com, for taking the photos!

And thanks to the hubby for doing the artwork in photoshop to pull it all together!

Kaylee took a number of other great photos…and I wanted to take the opportunity to share just a few of my favorites:

The hammock/stork bag thing is something that I crocheted. (My first ever crochet project…thanks to my friends Katie and Anna for teaching me how!!) I got the pattern from Jill @ Women Who Do it All (Remember the Spring Mantel Party?) and intended to make a cocoon thing for more “womb-like” photos. It turned out WAY too big for Selah to be curled up in. So we adapted. I am so glad we did. It was another “go with the flow” sort of decision to have daddy’s hand supporting from underneath (It would have put too much strain on her little neck to have her hanging without his hand there). I think this turned out well, too: Despite the cute tradition, baby’s are not delivered by storks…but given by God. I think the photo sort of represents that.


That’s what I have to say about that!


  1. MOM says:

    I want a 5×7 or 8×10 of the one hanging from the crocheted sling. The first one – with both Rodney’s hands showing. What an awesome photo!! They are all very cute!

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