Hello all!  Amber again.  If you are new to this blog series, I am Alisha’s sister and I threw her a gender reveal party a few weeks ago.  Since then, I have been writing helpful hints and tips that I learned along the way.

Today we will be talking about FOOD. Or, as I like to refer to it – the glue that holds a party together!

When I was searching the internet for ideas, I came across Erika, whose snacks included all of her pregnancy cravings.

I though this was a great idea, but when I asked Alisha, she said she didn’t really have any cravings that had stuck longer than a day or two.  So, this idea did not work for us.  I do, however, think it is super cute and would recommend it.

We decided to go with chocolate fountains.  Both my sister and I had received chocolate fountains for our weddings (registered for the essentials!), so we got both of them out of the cupboards and put them to work.  We filled one with white chocolate…

…and one with milk chocolate.

Then I went to the store and bought anything I thought would be yummy dipped in chocolate.  Okay…..not EVERYTHING….. I had to stick to some sort of budget after all…… but we definitely had enough to fill a table.

If you have never thrown a party with dipping chocolate before, and are unsure what items to buy, here are some tips. Our most popular items were the fruit (bananas, strawberries, and fresh pineapple), marshmallows, and sugar wafers.  Oh – and to keep the bananas from getting brown, just slice them with the peel still attached. Chocolate fountains really seem to be a big hit with every crowd!

While the chocolate fountains provided the snacks, the most important food item was the cupcakes, which stayed tucked away until the big moment arrived. (So well tucked away, we never even took a picture of all of them…sorry.)

After Alisha got her ultrasound (she did not know the results), the nurse put the results in a sealed envelope.  This envelope was then sent to me.  I immediately – as to not use up too much self control – passed it on to the baker of the cupcakes, The Cake Lady.  She baked 50 mini cupcakes and filled them with either pink or blue frosting, based on the envelope from the ultrasound nurse.  The cupcakes were topped with yellow and green frosting.

*IMPORTANT:  I took a lot of time and care thinking about this cupcake reveal.  Searching online, you will find lots of different ways people have reveal the gender at these parties – included whole cakes that are colored which are cut into, gumballs that are baked into the cupcakes, results written on paper and placed in envelopes or balloons… there are literally an infinite amount of ways you can do this.  As I mentioned in my first post, I had been to gender reveal party for a friend and got many of my ideas from them.  They had cupcakes filled with (blue) frosting and everyone bit into them at the same time.  I thought it was GREAT!  This way, everyone is involved in the surprise and not just mom and dad.  However, they had full sized cupcakes, and when I bit into mine I actually didn’t get to the frosting.  This is why I went with mini cupcakes.  With a more manageable size, I figured everyone would get to find out the results at the same time!

…I guess unless they are too careful about how they eat it…


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  1. Alisha says:


    My sister had a professional baker make the cupcakes, so we didn’t actually do it ourselves. However, I was impressed with how she did it…the baker did not insert the filling through the side where you might see pink or blue residue. She seemed to hollow out the middle of the cupcake from the top, and then squeeze in the blue or pink frosting into the groove. Then she covered the filling frosting with the decorative yellow and green frosting that was visible on top.

    Hope that helps 🙂

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