Glory. Glory. Hallelujah! is back up and running!

Yes…you are in the right place: but I am sure you will notice several changes. You see, each time I tried to fix one problem, I seemed to either get nowhere or create new hurdles for myself. One of my attempts messed up the appearance of my blog…as far as blog problems go, this one was minor…I took it as an the opportunity for a revamp.  There are still a few things I want to change or improve so you can expect to see a few more changes over the next few weeks or months. For example, I am hoping to create a yellow and gray pattern for the background to replace what is now plain yellow. Perhaps something that resembles this fabric that I have in my stash:

I also want to change the image of myself that appears next to each of my posts to something that isn’t me, and add several more pages to the tab bar under the header (FAQ, Before And After, etc.). I also need to change the buttons in the sidebar from teal to yellow fonts (I made those first and had a different color scheme in mind).

Anyway…today, it looks something like this…Or maybe this, depending on what image is featured in the slideshow beneath the header. (Pretty, cool…huh?)I wish I had frozen an image of the original black and gray blog theme I have had for nearly two years for a before after comparison…but I don’t. All I have saved is this original header:
Which I have replaced with this one:One thing that is still in need of a make-over is my logo: “Creations by Josiah’s Mom”

I may still use that logo on my SnugasaBugBaby product tags and/or labels. The issue I have with it isn’t so much that it is outdated since I am now Selah’s mom as well… I just don’t feel that it properly characterizes what my blog is about. And yet, I can’t really think of what I want it to be instead.

Maybe something like “Musings of a Multi-Tasking Mama” …

…or a sort of bullet list of categories I cover: “Home. Family. Creativity. Love.” (The hard thing with that is defining what my main “topics” even are)…

…or some sort of alliteration: “Babies and B____” “Stitching and S____”…

…or something “cutesy” that further describes or expands the concept of being “Snug as a Bug”: like “Wrapping up Loose Ends” or “Holding Tight to What Matters” or “Stitching it All Together.”

I dunno. Nothing has really jumped out at me. What do YOU think? Do you have any ideas or suggestions? 

Let me know what you think…and be prepared for a flood of new posts as I share with you all I have been up to during these past several weeks while my blog has been down 🙂

  1. Grammy Sammy says:

    Welcome home! I love the “holding tight to what matters” line or maybe “stitching it all together” Those of us who are craft chellenged may skip anything that is about sewing if we feel a bit intimidated! While you are revamping, please consider a little larger and darker print for us old folks/faithful followers. Light yellow and grey are very hard for older eyes to distinguish as is small print. I did like the font size you used previously. Blessings on your new efforts! I look forward to the updates.

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