Remember this before picture of our bathroom from several months ago?

And this one of it all torn apart?

I wish I could show you pictures of a completed bathroom project…but alas, I cannot. In fact, nothing has really changed since this post about the toilet. And I am coming to terms with the reality that the big bathroom reveal is still a ways away. Still it is fun to review those old pictures to see how far we have come.

This last week in May will be busy for us as we strive to get our garden in the ground (and spend time in prayer that it does better in the ground with God in charge of watering, than it does in this little jiffy cup environment…(the big green tomatoes are from my sister, all the itty bitty almost dead ones are mine))…

and finish our Spring Cleaning…including the garage (aak!)…

AND launch my etsy store (as I promised it would happen in May 2010 several months ago if your visited my empty store…and I am running out of May). Launching my store also means finishing my opening collection (I still need a girl diaper bag). And then of course there is spending time with Josiah, and working, and Josiah’s 18-month check up tomorrow, and Community group tonight, and Bible study Thursday, and regular cooking, and cleaning, and laundry, and maybe I’ll take a shower or two, and…How many days are left in May?

…We aren’t even planning on touching the bathroom project until June. And even then I know our attention will be quite divided as we will be wanting to get outside to work in the yard, I am beginning the long process of writing my thesis, and my business is going to be booming 🙂 ??

Still, I figured its been kinda rude of me to ask all of you for your opinion on our floor tile pattern back in this post on March 15th…and then never tell you what we ended up going with or how it turned out. (I thought at that point we were only a couple of weeks away from a finished bathroom and it would be more fun to wait for the big reveal…silly me!)

To refresh your memories…these were the options we were debating:

Several of you left comments, and I received several more votes via email.

The unanimous favorite was….

Option #3

And…Here it is:

I think it turned out GREAT! Even though I told you I was thinking about pulling out the terra cotta ish color in from one of the small tiles for the wall color…we opted to go with a sort of gray color which was also one of the small tile colors (The official color of the paint was “Olivewood” by Glidden). After we moved the vanity in, I felt VERY GOOD about the paint color, as it is also found in the granite and looks gorgeous against the brushed nickel faucet. Here is a sneak peak:

More to come…by the end of June…cross your fingers!


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  1. Amber Vlasnik says:

    Those are some good-lookin’ tomatoes! I also love the paint color. And the tile. Can’t wait to see the completed project!

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