By far the WORST part of DIY home projects is the way that they take over the rest of your home. You’d think you’d be able to isolate the mess, but I have determined that you can’t. There are several explanations for this phenomenon:

1. The stuff that once belonged in the space now designated a construction zone needs to go someplace. So you find places, in storage or temporary locations around the rest of the home…but it all feels crowded.

2. The construction stuff also needs a place to go:  miscellaneous tools, boards, saws, screws, light switch plates, light fixtures, etc., etc., etc…they land on any available (read: not yet overcrowded surface around the home).

3. You are also gathering new stuff, and it needs a place to go. As if the old stuff (item #1), and the construction stuff (item #2) isn’t doing enough to clutter up your home…you are also in the process of gathering up new stuff for the room once it is complete.

4. Construction is messy…you just gotta plan on an extra layer of dust throughout the ENTIRE house while a project is underway. Not sure why it is impossible to contain, just they way of the world, I guess.

5. Keeping a clean house is less of a priority when the time spent cleaning could be spent constructing…

Enough complaining…there are are also a few advantages to the way that one construction project affects the rest of your home. And today I want to focus mostly on that.

Remember our major home improvement project last year…our complete bathroom remodel? Well, when I revealed the finished product last August, the room was undecorated. I had intended to find and be inspired by items I thought I would find at garage sales, thrift stores, and/or clearance aisles and finish the decorating then. The truth is, the room has sat undecorated for FAR TOO LONG.

I had the old bathroom decorations stored under the bed in the guest bedroom…and uncovered them when clearing the room out as a part of our big bedroom swap around project. So I stored them with the other framed photos, wall hangings, etc. that had come down for construction…and came upon them again and again each time I had to change temporary storage locations. Eventually, I realized that I should just hang them back up….so I am excited to announce that the bathroom remodel project is now completely done.

The photo that once hung above the toilet…see here:

…is there again, and actually looks GREAT with the colors. In fact I love the way the square shape looks with the square tile mosaics and was surprised by the fact that the mat in the frame has a marble sort of texture and coloring that looks just like the tiles we used. I couldn’t have found a better match if I tried.

I am really not sure why I never considered hanging this back up in the bathroom…but I am glad it found its way back. The leaf that is framed is actually something I picked up an tucked in the pages of my Bible while on a walk on Koh Chang, the island in Thailand where we did most of our work when living there in 2007 (and where all these pictures came from). Not only is is beautiful, but meaningful 🙂

I also rehung this LORD’s prayer wall hanging. It was a wedding gift from a college friend of ours. Like the other piece, it works well with the colors, textures, and available wall space in our new bathroom.

I got these things hung in the bathroom right around the time that I did my spring cleaning a few months ago. As a part of my cleaning, I decided to wash the shower curtain and liner…and wound up shrinking the curtain. So up until yesterday, only the liner has been hanging in the bathroom (I got a good deal on the original shower curtain and wasn’t willing to replace it at full price). So–although decorated–the bathroom still was not complete.


Then yesterday, during naptime, I added a strip of fabric around the bottom of the shrunken shower curtain in order to extend the length.

I think it is a handsome addition, and am relieved to finally have a shower curtain back up.

I apologize to all of our guests who got to shower in my nice, but curtainless shower in the meantime (although I am perfectly well aware that it did not bother you nearly as much as it bothered me).

So let me again share some before and after photos…just cuz they are fun and it reminds me that–however slowly–things really are moving forward around here!

Our main bathroom BEFORE:

Our main bathroom AFTER:

So, stop on by or plan a trip to see us…we finally have a remodeled AND decorated bathroom available for your use!

I still can’t promise it will be clean…

On a different note: isn’t she pretty?

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  1. Lindsay says:

    Oh Lish, she is just breathtaking! What a gorgeous picture!

    AND… I registered for the frog bath toy holder 🙂
    Bathroom looks awesome!

  2. Kristi says:

    What a gorgeous bathroom. And you are so right…construction IS messy! Glad you survived it…and look at what a beautiful space you have to show for it!

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