A few weeks ago, when discussing weight gain in pregnancy, my friend Lindsay–who is currently a VERY CUTE 21-weeks pregnant–asked if I had any advice for avoiding stretch marks.

This was my response:

No good advice here. I have them. In abundance. And I have heard there really isn’t a good way to avoid stretch marks (and that expensive creams are a waste of money). I guess all I can say in this department is that they aren’t as tragic as it might seem at first. Even if not for stretch marks, I would opt for a more modest bathing suite in this mommy stage of my life than I have worn in years past…and other than that, who sees your belly but your hubby? Knowing that you carried your perfect child in your womb for nine months…how can he see them as anything other than beauty marks?

It is true…my belly and upper hips are absolutely covered in stretch marks from my first pregnancy. And, despite the obsession I used to have with every imperfection on my body, I can’t say that I really mind them at all.

Except for the fact that they itch.

I still have several weeks of stretching left to do in this pregnancy and all that new skin growth and stretching is really rather itchy. So I decided to pamper by belly all those beautiful stretch marks with a home-made scrub! I looked at the ingredient list of a few “all-natural” sugar scrub products, and determined I could make a very nice knock-off in my own kitchen…and save me some money for all those diapers in my future.

I used about 1 c. white sugar, 1/3 c. brown sugar, 1/2 c. oatmeal, and 2 T. honey.

Plus about 1 1/2 c. coconut oil and maybe 3/4 t. almond extract. (I am not really a precise measuring sort of girl unless I am making yeast bread, cakes, or cookies…so if you follow this “recipe” you may just want to keep that in mind and be flexible on the amounts.)

First I ground up the oats a bit in the food processor…but not too much (if you walk away from the food processor you might come back to oat flour).

Then I added the sugars, honey, and oil and pulsed it in the processor a few more times.

I mixed in the extract by hand because I actually decided to use peppermint extract for a portion of it…When I saw the mint extract in the cupboard next to the almond, I thought that it might offer the additional benefit of clearing some of my “pregnancy sinusitis” in the shower, but I wasn’t sure how the mint would blend with the scent of the coconut oil, so I wanted to stick with almond for most of it. I am glad I did…the mint is fine…but the almond is splendid!!

Think Christmas sugar cookies with a subtle hint of coconut cream pie.


If you wanted to make this as a gift or something, it would look very cute in one of those squatty little half pint mason jars with a little piece of burlap under the cap and a ribbon wrapped around it. But this is for me, so I opted for little plastic leftover containers instead.

Soft exfoliation (read: soft scratching of the itchiness) and LOTS of moisture. I am quite pleased!




  1. Aunt Amber says:

    This looks wonderful…what a great gift idea for baby showers!

    Does it taste as good as it feels? 🙂

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