Yesterday I cleared some of the too small stuff out of Josiah’s closet and drawers. I ran across these “booty keepers” and thought I’d share the idea with you. Simple. Sorta Funny. Truly Helpful. I loved the matching baby sets that included a one piece outfit, cap, bib, and booties. However, I found that the stretch knit at the top of Josiah’s baby booties just didn’t do the job. They would never stay on (and this was before Josiah had developed the skills to grab and pull or the will to want to take his socks off, which is a whole new problem…see here). Anyway, I thought about attaching the booties to his outfits, but I wanted the option of him wearing them with other outfits as well. Plus the booties and bibs fit long after he outgrew the outfits. So I made these booty keepers by looping a simple piece of elastic and sewing it together. It was a 30-second sewing job with the thread that was already in the machine, so while I am not claiming quality or beauty, I am promoting functionality! I just slipped these over the booty until they were up around his ankle and then folded the top of the booty over them so that they were hidden in the cuff. I never lost a booty after that.

You can easily make these yourself, with or without the help of a sewing machine. But be choosy about the elastic you use: pick one that has a lot of give (usually the cream elastic rather than stark white for some reason) and make sure that it is not too tight, so that you don’t cut off circulation to your baby’s feet. This is also why I opted not to use a ponytail holder or something like that. This elastic is only about as tight as the kind that is sewn into your socks.
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