We had homemade ice cream yesterday.


And I realized it was high time I gave a bucket list update! (aka. Cute pictures of Josiah doing fun stuff)

While we were in Nebraska visiting Grandma and Grandpa a couple of weeks ago, we did lots of fun bucket list things.

Josiah not only went to a fair, he spent several days in the livestock barn with Grandma and Aunt Carol (who raises chickens and a rabbit).

And had so much fun meeting all of the animals! (Most of whom he called “duck”)

And even got to show Aunt Carol’s bunny in the Pee Wee Division.

(Not sure what he is doing here…giving the bunny a pep talk?)

Aunt Boo and Uncle Jurel took us swimming in a neighbor’s backyard pool.

And Josiah even jumped off the board.

Grandma took us swimming, too.

And the YMCA had some fun sprinklers and a slide!

We went to the Lincoln Children’s Zoo.

Tommy, Tyler, and Josiah wore matching shirts that I picked up for $1.50 each!

And spent one fun morning at the Lincoln’s Children’s Museum!

We took in a baseball game, where Uncle Tyler made it home twice!

(Josiah was mostly interested in the cute girls there)

And if showing a bunny in the fair, diving off a board, and going to the Children’s Museum didn’t constitute some of Josiah’s scribbled additions to the list, eating Grandpa’s famous sweet corn on the cob certainly did!

Here is what the bucket list looks like today:



  1. Grammy Sammy says:

    Come on down, Josiah…we’ll will drive through the mountains in the fall..the colors are gorgeous here in October! Uncle Chip and Aunt Chris might even plan a camping trip for you.

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