Whoever said baby blankets had to be square? It wasn’t me!

A few months ago, I shared my elephant-shaped baby blanket with you. Today, I am excited to share my butterfly-shaped baby blanket(the fact that my butterfly baby was four  months old in these pictures, and is now EIGHT months old really accentuates the fact that I have been neglecting my blogging! And the fact that she is due for another photo-shoot.)

One side of this butterfly-shaped blanket is an amazingly soft pale pink fabric with a subtle diamond pattern,

the reverse is a bolder pink minky (bubble dots) fabric.

Together they make for a reversible oober cuddly blanket to wrap up a sweet little girl…SnugasaBug!

The body of the caterpillar is subtly outlined in stitching and features satin ribbon “antanae” which not only complete the butterfly look, but also give my Selah Mae something to manipulate in her pudgy little fingers 🙂

May I make one for YOUR little girl? You can find them in my etsy shop.

PHOTO SUGGESTION: Take weekly or monthly photos of your baby girl on this blanket…the constant size of the butterfly will be a scale through which you can gage her growth and development. What a fun way to watch her sprout her own little wings! ( I only wish I had thought to do this myself BEFORE my baby girl was 4 months old…)

This link is now active on my portfolio page.


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  1. Cynthia says:

    Hey im really intersted in your butterfly snugasabug blanket can u send me the information to order one thank you!

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