What a great day! My little man started his day with sprinkles on his pancakes and it only got better from there. Mommy and Daddy were both home all day with no real agenda other than hanging with the birthday boy. We had no big party or anything (Grandma says we’ll be having one when we visit for Thanksgiving! )..but it was truly a wonderful day!

We made a special birthday batch of Homemade Play-Doh.

This time we divided it into several small containers, and I have high hopes that this will extend the life of the separate colors.

Of course we also made a cake.

And decorated it with more sprinkles!

And then there were presents!

Aunt Chris made a special 2-year-old shirt. Thanks Chris!

Grammy sent “The Elf on the Shelf” and “The Polar Express.” We watched the DVD right away. Thanks Grammy!

Sam and Abbie got Josiah a great tool box and very cute sweater. Thanks Sam and Abbie!

And Katie got him a great new book! Thanks Katie!

Josiah’s gift from Mommy was a special set of homemade blocks (more about those to come).

And Daddy fixed up this slide which we rescued from the side of the road.

I thought we would be checking one more item off of our 1-year-old bucket list by making cupcakes, but we opted for a 9 x 13 when we discovered there were no cupcake liners in the cupboard. Oh well, this list prompted many fun activities, and I am so glad we did all that we did. The unchecked items will have to be carried over to our 2-year-old bucket list 🙂

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