My mother-in-law got this fun Cheerios Cookbook for Josiah an when she visited us last spring. When Tyler was staying with us, we decided it would be a good week to give some of the recipes and activities a go.

I suggested to Tyler that he look through the book and decide what fun things he wanted to try. I gave him a stack of sticky notes and told him to bookmark his favorite pages. This is what it looked like when he was done:

So I changed my tactic and had him pick out the ONE thing he wanted to do first.

The winner? Snowball Surprises (pg. 52):


They look only a bit different than the ones pictured in the book 🙂

Next he decided on Pipe-Cleaner Critters (pg. 64):

We made two different kinds of bars to share with some friends of my husband’s who came over for yard games one evening…these ones (Marshmallow Melties, pg. 30) are basically cheerios stuck together with marshmallows:

…and these ones (Caramel Crispies, pg. 34) are stuck together with melted caramels and drizzled with chocolate:

We also had Mix ‘n Match Munchies (pg. 74):

(A perfect movie treat)

And, finally, Very Berry Parfaits (pg. 14):

The cookbook has several more ideas. The ones that intrigued me most were the muffin recipes  (pgs. 20-23) ….however, each time I suggested that we try those (every time we came back to the book to pick the next item), Tyler reminded me, “I do NOT like muffins, and that’s the end of it.” Indeed, I think, those were the only pages that lacked a bookmark. Even calling them cupcakes didn’t work. Aw well, next time.

  1. Grammy Sammy says:

    So happy youall enjoyed the book. I thought the whole Cheerios Book series was ingenious. “Making everything in the Cheerios book” ought to go on the Bucket List! You’re very close 🙂 Love, Grammy

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