Last week, I shared some photos of the Christmas presents I made for my son, nieces, and nephew. Today, I thought I’d share what I made for my mother-in-law (Grammy Sammy).

She loves everything cardinal, and has a beautiful set of cardinal Christmas dishes. Two Christmases ago, I decided to make some quilted placemats that could be used with them:

This past Christmas, I made her four more (she now has a set of eight).

I was up all night the night before we flew out to visit for the holidays finishing up the pajamas and superhero capes I made for the little ones (I laid down 45 minutes before the alarm was set to go off…gotta hate that!) Anyway, the next morning while I was getting packed, I asked the hubby to snap a few pictures of all the gifts before I packed them up, too.

Look at how wonderfully cute he was…folding the napkins all pretty like for a photo op!

I love him 🙂

  1. Grammy Sammy says:

    I LOVE these placemats and napkins. The quality is great but the thought behind making something special for me is more precious still. Love you, Lish!

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