This is what our home looked like when we movedĀ  in.

Let me draw your attention to the weed garden that was featured as you made your way to the front door.

The one that no longer has any weeds!

You see, my boys have been playing outside with rocks and water for the past couple of months whenever they get the chance.

When the hubby was in high school, his career aptitude/personality test determined that he should be a landscape architect.

At the time, he was aspiring to be a Navy Seal.

So “landscape architect” didn’t seem to have quite the right “man factor.”

But now that we have our own yard…it beckons to him…he just loves working outside.

I am cool with that.

I love my new pondless water feature!

And the best part? Every single one of these rocks was found somewhere in our yard.

Our something that wasn’t much has become something wonderful!


So now I am wondering if I should even bring out the bad news.

But there I went and did it.

There is a hole.

Somewhere in the pond liner.

The water keeps disappearing.

So my boys get to go play in the rocks some more.

And remove rocks one by one until they find the hole.

And fix it.

And do it again.


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