When I originally started “Friday Favorites,” I intended to show you a number of things from different people. But I decided this week should be all about Dana…because I pretty much want to be her when I grow up.

Dana is a super creative mommy of two who shares her ideas, detailed tutorials, and beautiful photos at www.MADE.com

Following in the footsteps of Dana (aka. copying Dana’s ideas), I have made several things. Like this lima bean wreath:

(You may remember it from this post)

You can find Dana’s wreath tutorial here.

…And this ruffled summer scarf:

You can find Dana’s summer scarf tutorial here.

I made my scarf from an old skirt. Of course I didn’t take a before picture of the skirt, but I was able to dig up an old pic of me wearing it (second from the right)…

I have also made several “90-minute-shirts” (made from old adult t-shirts):

I had thought about making some shirts with these “onesie-style” necklines to more easily fit my little boy’s huge noggin through…but I had not thought to use old t-shirts to save me all that time hemming. You can find Dana’s 90-minute shirt tutorial here. I added the elephant and name appliques and perhaps I’ll remember to take pictures next time I do so for a little applique tutorial of my own.

I also tried this chocolate marshmallow cake, and it was fab.u.lous

I didn’t take my own picture… this one is Dana’s. And you can find her cake tutorial here.

Now that I have tried so many of Dana’s ideas, I’d like to think I could find the time to follow through on some of my own. However, I will not deny the value of being able to follow in someone’s footsteps AFTER she has come up with a great idea AND the kinks have been worked out. Thanks Dana for sharing your ideas, tutorials, thoughts, and beautiful photos!

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