I have never had my Christmas decorations down before New Year’s Eve rolls around. I used to think that was a sign of my laziness. But this year, I embraced the idea that there are 12 DAYS of Christmas…and intentionally let the holiday festivities carry on through January 5th. I intend to make that a tradition. But now the tree is down, the stockings are packed away…and I am ready to begin this new year. Can you believe it is 2012? It doesn’t seem that it has been that long since the Y2K, end-of-the-world, turn of the millennium celebrations.

As I have said before, I love the start of a new year and the chance for new beginnings. I also love lists. It is my personal opinion that everything is more fun when you get to cross it off a list when you are done. The danger of being a list person is that the things that don’t make the list don’t often make my life. And it is not OK for toilet cleaning to always take precedent over book reading and game playing. One solution is to quit with lists, but that never lasts long…it’s just not who I am. The other solution is to include those fun sort of things to do on the to do list.

For the past couple of months, I have been compiling a list of 101 things I want to do in the next 1001 days (“The Day Zero Project” aka. “101 in 1001” is not a new “bandwagon”…but one I have recently decided to jump on. For more information or tips for starting your own list, click here). Since so many of the things on my list involve the whole family, I wanted to be sure that the hubby was on board. When he looked over my list, he even came up with a few ideas of his own!! So now we have a complete list of 101 things we’d like to do….and there is no better time to start than the present.

So here it is.

For Me:
1. make a bunch of hair accessories for Selah Mae
2. crochet a blanket
3. repurpose a t-shirt 25 different ways
4. make 5 clothing items FOR ME
5. make a bunch of cards to have on hand
6. make a pair of shoes
7. read 101 books
8. enter 5 things in the county fair
9. try 50 beers
10. read all the unread books on my shelf…if they aren’t good enough to finish, get rid of them.
11. find a photo challenge that I like online and do it
12. lose my Selah baby weight
13. lost the baby weight leftover from Josiah
14. while I am at it, lose another 5 lbs.
15. have a booth at a craft fair
16. have 50 items in my etsy shop
17. take a bubble bath
18. dust off the guitar and learn to strum 5 chords
19. leatn to play 5 guitar songs
20. write 10 thank you notes within a week of receiving something
21. send 10 birthday cards or gifts so that they arrive on or before the person’s birthday
22. memorize a chapter of the Bible
23. donate my hair
24. make lemonade out of lemons
25. wear pjs all day for 5 (and only 5!) days
26. learn to saddle a horse
27. make bread using a by-product of beer
28. do something to brush up on Hebrew
29. do something to brush up on Greek
30. start a facebook page
31. learn to do 50 new things in photoshop
32. learn to do 25 new things in excel
33. make 5 items to sell that are $10 or less
34. make something to sell with custom embroidery
35. wear a scarf a different way every day for a month
36. install 5 new widgets/plugins that work
37. do 5 wordpress.org lessons
38. work through html textbook
39. find 1001 pinnable things
40. use 30 pinterest ideas
For Rodney:
41. teach Josiah how to fish
42. enter something in the county fair
43. come up with 5 beer recipes from one base malt
44. kill and eat an entire deer
For Us To Do Together:
45. devote a day of “home-school preschool” activities to each color of the rainbow, letter of the alphabet, and numbers 1-12.
46. teach JOsiah to read
47. go on a vacation without the kiddos
48. find and execute a good way to display kids’ artwork
49. give cloth diapers a go
50. learn 35 baby signs and use them regularly
51. watch 26 new movies that start with the ABCs
52. build a snowman
53. organize our recipes
54. initiate a good system for efficient meal planning
55. go on a family vacation that is something other than visiting family
56. adopt a baby
57. host a Whist night
58. carve something in a tree
59. eat at every food venue in Atkinson, Butte, and O’neil
60. do 50 random acts of kindness
61. start a new tradition
62. walk from one end of the ranch to the other
63. go creeking
64. go on a family canoe trip on the Niobrara
65. visit the Nebraska National Forest
66. visit Chimney Rock
67. can 5 home-grown things in addition to tomatoes
68. cook a meal in the crockpot every day for a month
69. play every game in our game chest
70. potty train Josiah
71. potty train Selah
72. get chickens
73. use up everything in the freezer
74. get a new camera and learn to use every function
75. go a full year without buying new clothes
76. come up with a “brand” and label for Brush Creek Brewing Company
77. attend a king ranch institute symposium
78. buy cowboy boots
79. find the perfect hats
80. P90X
81. 60 Days of Insanity
82. 30-Day Shred
83. run a race
84. plant an orchard
85. start an herb garden
86. make raised garden beds
87. find something out and about that looks like every letter of the alphabet and take a picture
88. paint the barn
89. finish renovations on our house in littleton
90. sell house
91. have a garage sale
92. unpack the last box (motivation for this big move of ours…)
93. finish initial renovations/decorating: master bedroom
94. finish initial renovations/decorating: guestroom
95. finish initial renovations/decorating: kids’ room
96. finish initial renovations/decorating: sewing room
97. finish initial renovations/decorating: living room
98. finish initial renovations/decorating: family room
99. finish initial renovations/decorating: kitchen
100. finish initial renovations/decorating: mudroom
101. finish initial renovations/decorating: entryway & stairs
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  1. Amber Vlasnik says:

    You have a lot of lists within lists here! I look forward to helping you reach some of these goals – especially #69, #40, and #3.

  2. Alisha says:

    Ya, my word document of the list has all the “sub-lists” (50 spots waiting for beer names, 100 spots for books, all the games listed out, etc. etc.) In addition to #69, #40, and #3…I was hoping to plan a “sister day” so that you and Carol can share your stamps and such with me (maybe I could provide ribbons or papers or something…I have a brad/snap/grommet setter…) and I could come away with some handmade cards. Maybe even a whole “sister weekend” with a movie marathon. Then #5 would be accomplished 🙂

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