I don’t think homes are ever as “homey” as they are at Christmas time! I just love the house all decked out for the holiday season.

We decorated early this year.

Real early.

It was before Thanksgiving.

OK, I’ll be honest, it was pretty much right after Halloween.

And, yes, we had Christmas Carols playing while we decorated. (My hubby pretends to hate that fact, but I know he secretly loves it 🙂 )

We have quite the stock of Christmas Decor as we were married on December 17th…we not only have wedding decor we are able to pull out and re-use each year, but we also received many Christmas-themed gifts. Sill, I feel rather limited since we have decided to leave all the breakables packed away for the next several years while we have little ones running around.

The Christmas tree has been re-decorated several times thanks to a certain little someone. But I really can’t complain…he has left the presents pretty much un-touched!

I think that the gifts under the tree really make tree. In fact, I’d say the presents might even be the secret to a well-decorated tree.

I bought a number of empty boxes on Christmas clearance a few years ago and use those and some empty gift sacks to “fill the void” from day one.

They have now been replaced with the real deal, and the tree looks as happy as ever.

But you know, I think my favorite part of our living room Christmas decor is this:

(the little chair):

It isn’t new, in fact it is very old–one of several cute antiques we received from my mother-in-law when she “downsized” to a smaller home a month after we moved into ours.

It has been sitting in a corner of the basement for the past couple of years, but I decided to push it up to the coffee table and spread out a selection of Christmas books upon it. I’ll admit I was thinking cute decor more than practical function, but Josiah has really made it his own.

Merry Christmas!!


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  1. BrittanyF. says:

    Very cute…have to admit though I seriously laughed out loud when you said you put empty gifts under the tree :). I do agree they make the tree, but….anyway cute!

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