The first year my husband and I had a home to decorate, we did. And although the mood and music certainly stirs more joy in me than it does in him, I gotta tell ya…my hubby does have an eye for decorating (and taking pretty pictures)!

This was the little vignette I put together on the coffee table in our apartment that first year (before there were little hands which required that such breakables be moved to higher ground). The candy striped pillar and starlight mint candles were something I had picked up the previous year on after Christmas clearance. However those candy cane pieces in the surrounding the candles in the tall wine glass thingies…which totally complete the look…all his idea.

I just love this look!..and it always seems to catch people’s attention and receive compliments. These were the ONE breakable that found a place amidst our kid-friendly decorations this year:

(just high enough to be out of reach)

I also love having candy canes on the tree (but I think there are fewer in this recent picture than when we began)…

Such a fun, cheap, multipurpose decoration…gotta love ’em!

Click here to find out what we do with the leftovers 🙂

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