On September 29th, 2011 our Selah Mae was dedicated to Christ. Because we have been involved with a church plant (The Embassy, Denver) that was not yet hosting regular worship services and did not have a permanent meeting location, we hosted a Baby Dedication Backyard Party. We invited family, friends, and neighbors to join with us in the celebration.That was four months ago, and may seem like old news. But I couldn’t share pictures from the party then, because my blog was broken. It isn’t broken anymore…and I still wanted to share. So here ya go – my cutie patootie on her dedication day: Selah was dedicated in the Christening gown her father wore almost 28 years earlier. Josiah and my niece, Kaitlyn, were also dedicated in the gown and Grammy Sammy had each of their names beautifully embroidered on the slip layer of the gown. Grammy Sammy gave Selah her tiny gold baby ring in honor of the occasion. It is a truly special and very beautiful antique novelty that Grammy wore herself as a baby. We tied it on with a pink ribbon, so that it wouldn’t get lost or swallowed. I think the ribbon only adds to its charm.Grammy flew from Tennessee to stay with us in Denver for the week so that she could be here for the party. She was very helpful in pulling everything together the day of the party!The main event, of course, was the Baby Dedication Ceremony.Our Pastor, Brandon Washington, shared some beautiful words and a personal challenge to us to raise Selah Mae as a child of her Heavenly Father.Pastor Derrick Kelsey also shared some words from Scripture in order to provide the context of the Bigger Story that Selah’s life is a part of.We had about 50 people gathered in our backyard to help us celebrate.I had a lot of fun (and stress) with the food and decorations.I want to know is how people manage to get such beautiful pictures of their party tablescapes…I wasn’t able to snap these pictures until after people arrived (which felt like poor etiquette) I waited because I didn’t want the salad tossed together too soon……but it wasn’t until AFTER taking the pictures that I remembered to take the sandwich buns out of the bags into the cute fabric lined basket…by then the chip bowl and grape platters were partially emptied and the lid was off the meat.

Ah well…I know nobody really cares but me. And despite the amount of time I’ve given to the matter in this post, I don’t really care that much either.

The iced tea and lemonade served in mason jars were probably the biggest hit. This was one of the first ideas I got from Pinterest that I was able to put to use.Actually, Pinterest helped me out a lot with this party 🙂 The tutorial for these pom poms can also be found on a pinboard of mine (It is from Martha Stuart…somehow she seems to get her name on most good ideas).These rosebud topiaries were also a spin-off of a pin: hanging flowerballs from House of Smiths. (I’ll tell you more about how I made mine next week).The cake was also a spin-off of a Pinterest find. I used this white cake recipe, from recipegirl…with the tsp. almond extract add-in. I used a raspberry filling from a different cake recipe I had in my recipe box for between layers, buttercream frosting on top, then marshmallow fondant for the decorating. It was yummy…certainly a recipe this family will repeat!!

To add to all the pretty things…I printed and tacked up several pictures of Selah’s first 4 months of life:

One tip for you in case you decide want to include bubbles at a backyard party…cut out the foil liners inside the lids before you set them out so that the kids can actually use them.

Anyway, it was a wonderful party and a special celebration!

I am so thankful for the joy that is motherhood. On this day and in the days to come, I will praise the LORD for the story He is writing in and through Selah Mae’s life and for the gift that she is to our family and to the world…I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the miracle. May God help me to always remember that my daughter is first and foremost HIS daughter. Hallelu-yah (Praise the LORD)!

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  1. Grammy Sammy says:

    It was even better than you described, Alisha. I loved every moment and was so happy to be a part of the celebration.

  2. Carrie says:

    What a beautiful party and baby!! I love the family traditions with dresses. Our daughter was baptized in the dress that we believe was my grandmother’s whom we named our daughter after. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful moment at Sharing Saturday!

  3. Michele says:

    What a beautiful Party and an absolutely gorgeous baby!
    I LOVE all of your pink details and the hard work you put into your party! Have a wonderful day!

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