If you are new here, let me briefly fill you in on my “Friday Favorites.” Based on the incredible wisdom of my dove chocolate wrapper, I instituted “Friday Favorites” in order to share with my readers what other bloggers and etsy sellers have written and/or created. If you have made the list this week, please consider it my highest compliment!

The scope of my blog covers five main categories (see list to right), here are my favorite findings this week in those areas:

Mom 2 Mom –>

I think these turkeys from Thrive look just a bit too complicated for my almost-2-year-old’s little fingers…but perhaps simple enough for my almost-3-year-old to try next year? The idea has been cataloged in my mind (and now on this post) for future reference :).

Other Stuff –>

Making an autumn leaf garland like this one from Lemontree Creations is also “cataloged” in my mind to pull our next year. Fall never lasts long enough for my taste, and this looks like a fabulous way to bring some of the beauty inside and to let it last!

Mommy Musings –>

Miss Mustard Seed wrote a great post about “The Change” (what happens around the house when kids enter the picture).

(You may recall this post about little things taking over my house or this post about my embracing our mess which chronicle my own experience with “the change.”)

Making a House a Home –>

Some day, I’d love to have a real food pantry. And I want it to look like this one from House of Smith’s.

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