Based on the incredible wisdom of my dove chocolate wrapper, I instituted what I have decided to call “Friday Favorites.” My blog covers five main categories, here are my favorite findings this week from each one:

Mommy Musings –>

This week I landed on Miss Mustard Seed’s blog and read her story about starting her own business. I felt I saw parts of my story in her story…like feeling the push to start a business while staying home with her children because paying down school loans wasn’t going to fit in the tight one-income family budget. Here is Miss Mustard Seed in what I am guessing is her home office. Look at that amazing “Guess How Much I Love You” Nutbrown Hare Mural!

Mom 2 Mom (Tips) –>

Again, I love what I found from Miss Mustard Seed… some tips for getting started in a creative business. I was encouraged by the similarities with how she started and how I started…with a dream, a notebook of notes/ideas/lists, and a name for which there was a dot com available. I guess it is the beginning of a series. I subscribed and am excited to hear more!

Making A House a Home –>

Check out the new curb appeal at A Painted House.

Is this even the same house? Wow.

Etsy Products –>

Remember my post about missing socks? I LOVE this vinyl decal for your dryer, by Household Words

Etsy Products –>

I love these quilt inspired wall hangings from Candace at “Crafty Sisters”

  1. Candace says:

    Thanks Alisha for the spotlight on the quilt stars! I need to go and check out your other favorites, the paint redo looks amazing! 🙂


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