I know that, compared to many women, I already look ready to pop (my belly already looks 40 weeks pregnant). I just found out on facebook that a friend of mine from college just gave birth the a healthy 8 lb. 3 oz. baby, and I am pretty sure 8 pounds was about all she gained throughout her pregnancy (that is what it looked like from the pictures). That is not the way of the world for me.

And believe it or not, I was even bigger with my first pregnancy (I gained about 45 pounds total). Although, I started this pregnancy almost 10 pounds heavier than I started my first pregnancy (I never lost all my weight from the first pregnancy), I just haven’t gained as much weight this time. I think this probably had a lot to do with my being so sick in the first trimester: At about 20 weeks my weight this time was below my weight at 20 weeks in my first pregnancy.

As I mentioned in this post about what I have gained from blogging, we didn’t really take many belly pictures when I was pregnant with Josiah. Out of curiosity, I looked back through the photos from my first pregnancy the other day, and discovered that pretty much the first belly pictures we took were at about 30 weeks (30 weeks plus 2 days to be exact to the due date). The photos reminded me of a maternity shirt that I had shoved to the back of my closet with other summer clothes…so I pulled it out and wore it again. Yesterday I was 30 weeks plus 2 days pregnant…so we took some photos for comparison. I wish I would have remembered when we were at the park the exact pose for an even closer match…but these are pretty similar:

I think the biggest difference is in my face. Isn’t that crazy?

So what are my tips for not letting your face get as fat while you are pregnant? Um…nada…sorry. I am really not doing anything differently, at least not on purpose. I don’t like counting calories and am not good at keeping track of what I eat. So while I try to (and like to) eat balanced meals, I pretty much just eat whatever I want whenever I want (within reason…but I could certainly do better!). Same story last time. I may have had more of an “eating for two” mentality that I used as excuse to pig out the first time…I dunno.

The strange thing is I was actually VERY active throughout my last pregnancy: 2-3 times a week I biked to school/work (about 15 miles round trip), and swam laps in the pool at our apartment complex regularly. I also regularly worked out in the weight room: lifting weights, walking on the treadmill, and running on the elliptical. This time, my exercise regiment is pretty much non-existent. Yesterday we went for a walk, maybe about a mile, and it wore me out. I am not really advocating that people quit exercising (I think my back pain is worse this time and the lack of exercise may very well be the explanation for that)…but I am saying that as far as effort extended, my face should be at least twice as fat as it was last time, and I have absolutely no wisdom to share for your own avoidance of face fat.

PS. I really don’t like taking pictures with sunglasses on, but this was my attempt without them:

My tip for maintaining a normal smile on a bright day? On this one I have some wisdom: wear sunglasses 🙂



  1. Lindsay says:

    WOW! Your face, but also your belly! That is crazy different! Have any advice for not getting stretch marks? Is there anything that can be done to prevent them?

  2. Alisha says:

    O man…no advice there, either. I have them. In abundance. And I have heard there really isn’t a good way to avoid stretch marks (and that expensive creams are a waste of money). I guess all I can say in this department is that they aren’t as tragic as it might seem at first. Even if not for stretch marks, I would opt for a more modest bathing suite in this mommy stage of my life than I have worn in years past…and other than that, who sees your belly but your hubby? Knowing that you carried your perfect chid in your womb for nine months, how can he see them as anything other than beauty marks?

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