Today should be an installment of “Tuesday Tour”…but I’m not really done recapping our ranch vacation from the past couple of weeks. So I  want to do that instead. Besides the celery-carrot cars I showed you two days ago, and eating food on a stick which I shared yesterday, we crossed one more item off of the one-year-old bucket list!

I clearly remember the first words my husband said to Josiah when he was born. We did not know whether we were having a boy or a girl until the moment that he arrived. The first time Rod held his son he said, “You are my little boy…and we are gonna shoot guns and go hunting and go fishing…tomorrow.” (Tomorrow is a loose term)

Well, last week my boys went fishing.

It didn’t take long at all to catch a fish.

It was 35 inches long and weighed as much as Josiah.

Hey, what is a fishing trip without a bit of a tale?

The bucket list now looks like this:

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