Hacienda Colorado has the best chips and salsa around! Last time we ate there, Josiah discovered that he loves them too!The salsa more than the chips…Whaaatt?? Don’t YOU eat salsa with a spoon?

We don’t eat out as much now that we are a family of three. But I keep one of these in my purse at all times in the event that we do eat out…or in case there are samples at the grocery store…or if the banker is passing out suckers…

What is it?

Take another look at this hilariously cute picture and see if you can spot it…

Look a bit closer…it is right there…

Truly, this is one of my favorite little mommy survival items. We call it a bib clip. All it is is two of the kinds of clips I use for pacifier strap and a 5-6 inch piece of elastic sewn between them. The elastic goes behind his neck and the clips attach to the restaurant napkin. This way we have the protection of a (very big) bib during dinner, but don’t have to bring a soiled bib back home with us at the end of the evening. It works with all kinds and sizes of cloth or disposable napkins.

This would be a very simple, very practical DIY project to sew up your self. It requires so little sewing, you don’t even need a machine. However, I will admit that I did not actually make ours…what we use is a re-purposed “mitten keeper” that I bought from the Target One Spot. Josiah and I each used them most of the winter to attach our mittens to our coats before I realized that they were good for more than mittens! If you can’t find any mitten keepers, these clips are actually sold on a piece of elastic at  fabric and craft stores for the purpose of cinching up the back of a too big dress or blouse…the elastic is shorter, but should probably still work fine (just wrap more of the napkin around to the back).


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  1. Whitney says:

    This is so smart – I’ll have to remember it. I actually use these to keep my skinny son’s pants from falling down. I just put them through his back belt loops and it works great.

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