I guess I make an “aaahhh” noise when I feed Josiah, although I don’t really recall ever doing so. But I know I must…because that is how Josiah does it. He’ll come at me with a cracker or piece of cereal ready to share and make an “aaahhh” noise to let me know that he wants me to open my mouth. Often he will also put it to his lips for a second before putting it in my mouth. This I know I do: I check the temperature of his food on my lips before feeding it to him.

And then the other day I caught Josiah sitting on the floor with a can of corn and the can-opener. He had it perfectly positioned, although not “clicked” on, and was turning the handle (it is upside down in the picture, but trust me….he got it).

As I am writing this post, Josiah is moving around the kitchen floor with a washcloth in hand, wiping up invisible spots. A couple of days ago I watched as he spread the washcloth on the floor, stepped on top of it, shuffled his feet, then stepped off, picked it up, moved it, and repeated the step shuffle maneuver several times. I was puzzled until later that day when my husband explained that he had wiped up some spilled milk using a washcloth and his foot that morning.

I really need to change the location of our toothbrushes and toothpaste, but for now they are in a bathroom drawer that is about knee-height. Whenever I brush my teeth, Josiah pulls another one out of the drawer and gnaws on the bristles, moving it back and forth from one side of his mouth to the other. I bought him his own baby toothbrush, but he likes the big ones. (No, I am not a germ-a-phobe and we are OK sharing toothbrushes in this house.)

I am a student, so I read with a pen in my hand. I underline key things I am reading and take notes in the margin. Today, as I was reading Josiah his shapes book, I noticed that he, too, has been reading with a pen in his hand. He crossed out a crescent and a triangle and wrote a little note by a star. I can’t really get upset at the kid for doing as I do, can I? (But I do think I need to forgo this sort of reading in the presence of my amazing sponge of a kid since he is soaking up and repeating everything that I do!)

Observing Josiah in all of these things has me thinking…

First of all, I am just amazed at how smart he is and how much he is taking in everyday! He is learning about this world we live in at a crazy fast pace. God has created the human brain to be a really amazing thing!

Second, it is extremely obvious that he wants to be just like me. Josiah wants to do everything that I do. This really puts pressure on a woman! If he is going to repeat the things that I say, or even the noises I make, I need to pay attention to all that is coming out of my mouth. If he is going to be eating the way that I eat (and the things that I eat), I should be thinking a bit more critically about what I put on my plate. If he is going to brush when I brush, I better make sure I floss as well. If he is going to read because I read, one of those books had better be the Bible.

Third, I am reminded of that really great song by Rodney Atkins. If you haven’t heard it before, you need to. I’ll make it easy for you….

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